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Recently in Liberty Aerospace Category

OSHKOSH -- The Chinese Government has grounded the first Liberty XL-2 aircraft built in China ahead of the Beijing Olympic games.

The aircraft, which wears a United States N-registration, had completed its taxi tests, but was grounded citing security concerns.

The Chinese Government went so far as to ask Liberty to remove the engines of the aircraft to guarantee their grounding, according to Paul Everitt, Business Development Manager of Liberty Aerospace.

Everitt added that after discussions with local officials, the XL-2 was permitted to keep its engine installed.

The grounding is part of a nation-wide security initiative to tightly control the movement of aircraft during the summer games which begin August 8.

Earlier last week, Olympic security officials in Beijing confirmed that anti-aircraft batteries have been placed near the Olympic green to protect against a potential air attack.

The first flight of the Chinese built XL-2 is expected to take place following the conclusion of the Olympic games August 24.

The first two aircraft are part of a 600 aircraft order from the Chinese Government for pilot training.

Of the 600 ordered, the first 25 will be fabricated in Melbourne, Florida then delivered via 40-foot shipping container to Anyang, China. The remaining 575 aircraft will be built start-to-finish in the newly assembled factory.


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