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KMC wins battle against malaria, dengue

7 October 2011

KOLKATA, 7 OCT: The number of malaria and dengue fever cases has gone down dramatically in the city, thanks to the year round anti-mosquito drive carried out by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC).
Cases of malaria and dengue fever go up in September and October, shortly after the monsoon. A report prepared by the KMC's Health Department states that 29,862 cases of malaria were detected between January and September this year; last year 57,463 cases were registered in the same period.
Of these, 1792 people suffered from falciparum malaria, commonly known as malignant malaria, while there were 4,376 registered cases in the corresponding period last year. The number of dengue fever cases has also gone down. Forty-nine cases of dengue fever were reported between January and September this year, compared to 181 cases during the same period last year.  
A senior civic official said that during the four days of Durga Puja, field workers from the health department visited different areas and sprayed mosquito repellant. Members of a special task force also visited several areas and sprayed repellant. Mosquito repellant was also sprayed with the help of speed boats on Beliaghata Canal and Tolly's Nullah. The KMC also deployed 15 rowing boats to spray repellant in the portion of the canals that are unaccessible by speed boat.  
He said that a sustained campaign launched by the KMC against the disease has yielded results: many people living in apartments are periodically cleaning the underground reservoirs, overhead water tanks, and the water kept in  flower vases. The KMC is also holding regular review meetings and special attention is being given to carrying out these routine drives.  
Mr S Dutta, a physician in South Kolkata where a large number of people used to be affected by the disease, said he was getting fewer cases this year and said that the drive conducted by the KMC has produced the desired results.
He said that the number of cases of malaria would have gone down even more had people used mosquito nets and cleaned the water kept in buckets and flower vases every day. sns
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