News / Information about DDoS attack

22:00 17.02.13 from dev

E-mail doesn't work at the moment, which causes the problem of the funds withdrawal from accounts with the "safe withdrawal" option enabled.

It was decided to add the possibility to disable the safe withdrawal through user IP checking.

In other words, if your IP found in the lists of IP, which you have visited over the last week, you can disable this protection without the e-mail validation, and withdraw your funds.

This will be fixed at 18-19 February.

Wait for additional information and better translation until tommorow.All news


#5 from vyacheslav74

12:41 25.02.13

vyacheslav74а кто у вас конкуренты?

#4 from dooferorg

07:28 20.02.13

dooferorgDHCP ppl are not screwed at all, you just would have to use the email verification. If you're on DHCP you'd do well to make sure you DON'T select IP verification to make sure noone can impersonate you if you change IPs and the 'attacker' happens to get your old address.

#3 from coincoinusa

19:14 18.02.13

coincoinusa+1 usscfounder

#2 from dev

04:26 18.02.13

devplease wait for additional information

#1 from usscfounder

04:22 18.02.13

usscfounderEveryone with isp dhcp is screwed...

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greenboy84: charles, how and at what hash? I've been soloing yac and only soloed one block

lumius: thats where its going

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