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Latest Profiles from the Balkans

01 Apr 13

The Bloody Career of Bosnia’s ‘Monster of Grbavica’

Paramilitary Veselin Vlahovic, alias ‘Batko’, who was given Bosnia’s longest ever war crimes sentence, became a notorious figure during the siege of Sarajevo because of his brutality.

29 Mar 13

Nikola Mladenov, Free Speech Pioneer in Macedonia

Macedonia has paid tribute to one of its most prominent and fearless journalists, whose untimely death has shocked the nation.

22 Feb 13

Talat Xhaferi: Macedonia's Controversial Defence Chief

A row has erupted over the appointment of former ethnic Albanian rebel commander turned politician Talat Xhaferi as Macedonia’s new defence minister.

22 Feb 13

Dessa Trevisan, Legendary Times Correspondent, Dies

Yugoslav-born journalist covered some of the most stirring events in Eastern Europe during the Cold War and later crossed swords with Slobodan Milosevic’s government at some personal cost.

12 Dec 12

Nikola Todorov - Macedonia’s Unwanted Reformer

This relative newcomer to politics has quickly become trusted by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, advancing rapidly in the ruling VMRO DPMNE hierarchy.

07 Dec 12

Victor Ponta, Romania’s Young And Restless PM

The great hope of the political left hasn’t done much to tackle the economic crisis in seven months in office - but that won’t stop him from winning Sunday’s general election in austerity-weary Romania.

29 Nov 12

Ramush Haradinaj, Kosovo Rambo With a Taste for Politics

He had made a successful transition from guerrilla leader to politician - until The Hague threw its spanner in the works, not once but twice.

22 Nov 12

Aleksandar Vulin, Communist Believer In Black

A former ally of Milosevic’s wife whose great loves are comic books, communism and Russia, he believes he is doing Serbia’s ‘most honourable work’ in defending its interests in Kosovo.

17 Nov 12

Macedonia’s ‘Indiana Jones’ Scorns Retiring at 65

Pasko Kuzman, Macedonia’s excavator in chief, says he is not putting down his shovel until he finds the tomb of Alexander the Great – even if it takes him till he is 99.

10 Oct 12

Srdjan Milic, Opposition Leader in Testing Times

The head of the biggest Montenegro opposition party will have to prove his leadership capacities on October 14 following the defection of some senior colleagues to the new Democratic Front.

28 Sep 12

Miodrag Lekic - Professor on the Front Line of Politics

The university academic, former diplomat and author of several books has re-appeared as leader of the new opposition Democratic Front since July.

21 Sep 12

Igor Luksic, Balkan ‘Straight Talker’ Losing his Shine

He seemed like a breath of fresh air when he took over in late 2010, but, as the Prime Minister’s troubles have mounted, much of the initial enthusiasm felt for him has since faded.

20 Sep 12

Milo Djukanovic - Still Pulling Strings in Montenegro

He may have resigned from frontline politics in 2010, but the veteran leader still wields significant political and economic influence.

05 Sep 12

Aleksandar Vucic, Warrior Against Corruption

The man who long aspired to become mayor of Belgrade has instead ended up – in many people’s view – as most powerful man in Serbia.

25 Jul 12

Kosovo’s Bob Marley

Kafu earned his reputation from singing Qur’anic verses. But then he found Bob Marley and was inspired to created a new music band , Gypsy Groove, fusing Balkans Roma music, mixed with jazz and reggae.