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New North Zone
New North Zone
In April 2002 Chongqing Municipal Government decided to establish the New North Zone. In order to further strengthen Chongqing's opening up to the outside world, an extended northern part of the Chongqing Economic & Technical Development Zone and Chongqing High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, together with Chongqing Export Processing Trade Zone have been established within the New North Zone.
The New North Zone is located at the north Chongqing, covering a land area of 130 square kilometers. It has got good locational advantages, being linked with Jiangbei District and Yuzhong District to the south, close to Yubei District to the north, neighboring the Jialing River to the west and linking Shapingba District and Beibei District just through a bridge. It is close to the planned Yangtze Cuntan Dock, just 3km away from the southeast. The Chongqing New Railway Station is being built within the Zone.
The New North Zone focuses on high-tech industries such as information technology, optoelectronics, bioengineering, new medicine, pollution control equipment, automobile and parts, as well as export oriented manufacturing. There have been various parks being set up within the Zone, including Auto Industrial Park, Optoelectronic Park, Software Park, Pollution Control Production Park, Medical Equipment Park and Export Processing Zone.
Incentives available to the New North Zone include the incentives for West China Development Strategy, the incentives for Chongqing Economic & Technical Development Zone and Chongqing High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, incentives of Chongqing Government for foreign investment. Also preferential policies are granted by Chongqing Government in respect of governmental appropriation, land-use, establishment of project, infrastructure construction and social welfare. So far the New North Zone has received presence of about 400 projects including Ford Motor Company, Keye Optoelectronics, Chongqing Yaoyou, Top Software, TSK, BST and Meilian.
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