It is hard to look at all the facts presented to us, and believe the story that has been told to us. At face value of course, when presented by the Corporate owned media, it seems plausible, but before you start throwing accusations, everyone needs to look at the videos, start to finish, watch the families, learn how these people are related and how the events took place.

This makes no sense.

1. Why would FEMA have a school shooting drill in 2010 at the exact location where this shooting occurred?

2. Why would FEMA be holding a drill for a school shooting on 12/14/12, only twenty minutes away from sandy hook?

FEMA DRILL 12/14/12

3. Robbie Parker laughs and smiles before he thinks he is being filmed.


4. Carlee Soto tweeted about the shooting at 8:01 12/14/12. The shooting started at 9:41. She is pictured at the scene, and then does numerous interviews, is at Obama Gun Control Signing.

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5. The mainstream media will tell you that we can not judge people by their emotions shown in interviews. These families interviewed, all had their child or loved one’s violently killed one to two days prior to the interviews. Their were no tears. They all turned their loss into a plug for gun control, this does not happen in the real world, people do not act like this.

6. Emilie Parker’s Parents Robbie and Alissa had a Facebook charity account, with a bank account set up to receive donations, just five hours after the shooting. They had not even received confirmation that their daughter was dead.


7. The family of the victims that we have seen interviewed, all happened to be the same ones that we saw pictures of the first day. These same families have been the focus of media attention from the shooting, till they were sitting in the audience watching Obama take the first steps towards gun control.

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8. Police wait from morning untill the middle of the night to search suspects car, but have one media shot of them opening the trunk, and finding the long gun.

9. Not one photo of one drop of blood, no bodies, bodies removed in middle of night.


10. It was stated that all parents identified their children by looking at photos?

He said that parents had identified their children from photographs to spare them from seeing the gruesome results of the rampage. He said that 4 doctors and 10 technicians had done the autopsies and that he had personally performed seven, all on first-graders.

11. First responders on the seen William Halstead, Karin Halstead (Father and daughter, ex-wife/mother was in front office of school hiding in closet with nurse), Michael Burton, Michael Burton JR, Kelly Burton, (Shari Burton is in school also, Michael’s wife, and mother of, JR and Kelly.

12. Barbara Halstead remained hiding in closet for over four hours although her daughter and ex husband were on the scene within minutes, it’s about a 30 second walk to the office they knew she was working in?

Barbara Halstead, mother/ex-wife of first responders, not rescued for hours

13. Civilians and children are not allowed to mingle with police when 28 people have just been slaughtered.


14. No access for emergency personnel. Roads were blocked, no ambulance could pass.

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15. Semi-Automatic was not used.

16. Shari Burton reported the shooting lasted 20 minutes.

17. The man arrested believed to be the second shooter was a off duty tactical police officer?

18. Why was a man arrested at the scene of a mass homicide placed in the front seat of the police car?

19. What was a Off Duty Tactical Police Officer from a nearby town doing outside of Sandy Hook at the time of the shooting?

20. United Way was found on Google search to have posted about the shooting on 12/12/12, it was admitted that it did show up in Google search, but was stated that it was a glich.

21. Vicky Soto’s Facebook, page was created 12/10/12.

22. Car was not registered to Adam Lanza or his Mother.


23. News reports said quote “it was like he didn’t even exist before the shooting”

24. Charity Funds linked to all families that are focused on, as well as first responders families that created the 27 angels – seen on all media reports- with linked charity account.

25. Medical Examine Full Interview MUST WATCH, NO LONG RIFLE IN CAR, This guy is WEIRD

26. Long Rifle found in car.


28. Gene Rosen ends up with six children at his house and gives countless interviews, each story different.



Children posing for picture alone next to woods when it is still unknown if there are multiple shooters?


Connecticut school shooting Timeline of a tragic

Here we have the initial reports of a school shooting. As scene in Video, the two Staging area’s have been set up already, the road is blocked at the fire department not allowing access to scene where 27 people were just shot. The school had over five hundred children, all footage taken that day probably only shows 100-150, this includes insider the fire house.