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How To Sprout - Alfalfa

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About This Guide
This is a quick guide you can use to sprout most types of seeds. Here we use Alfalfa as an example because it very common, easy to sprout, tastes great and best of all they are cheap. Already Sprouted Alfalfa goes for a couple dollars per container at the grocery store which is equal to one tablespoon of unsprouted seed. Unsprouted Alfalfa seeds sell for about $3 for an 8oz bag (10-16 tablespoons). So you can see the big savings by sprouting seeds yourself.

Lets Get Started

The Setup
All you need is a Glass Jar, Mesh Material, Alfalfa, Clean Water

Here we used a Wide Mouth Mason Jar, Tutu-like material found at a fabric store, Alfalfa seeds from, and the Water from our taps.

Easy enough
Alfalfa Sprouting
Choosing Your Seed
Just visit Wikipedia to get a list of sproutable seeds and their benifits. Most people mainly sprout legumes (alfalfa, lentils, chickpeas, mung beans etc)

The amount of seed to use will vary depending on the type of seeds but 1 tablespoon is pretty standard. In this guide we used 1 Tablespoon Alfalfa seeds.
1 Tablespoon alfalfa seeds
Rinse, Rinse, Rinse
This step is the most important step. Whenever you sprout anything, you want to make sure to rinse your seeds several times to remove any dirt and contaminants that may be on the seeds. Simply put the seeds in the jar, close it with the mesh, fill with water and spin lightly for a minute. Pour out the water and repeat at 2-3 times.
Rinsing alfalfa
Soaking It In
This step is the easiest. Just fill the jar half way with water and let the seeds soak for 6-8 hours. For Alfalfa we tried 6 hour and 12 hour soaking and we did not notice any difference in yield.

In this example we accidently left the seeds in water for over 12 hours which didn't seem to change anything. Just thoroughly rinse.
Soaking alfalfa
Rinse and Let Dry
2-3 times day rinse your sprouts a couple times and turn upside down to air out. Make sure excess water is drained out to avoid mold. After one day you should see white tails sprouting from the seeds. You will notice little hairs on the tails - don't worry, its not mold, its all part of the sprout.
Rinsing Alfalfa
Soaking In The Sun
After 3-4 days you should see the husks (the shell of the seed) coming off the sprouts and the heads of the sprouts will start turning yellow. Give the jar a final rinse and let sit in the non-direct sun light for a couple hours. Shake up the seeds and let sit again for another few hours. The heads will turn vibrant green, meaning they are as fresh as they will ever be.
Alfalfa Sprouting
Rinse and Eat
Last step is to get rid of the husks from the seed. Put all of the sprouts in a bowl full of water and the husks will float to the top. Skim them off and dry off the sprouts and put in the fridge to keep for up to a week. Enjoy!
Sprouted Alfalfa
Get Your Own
Its truly amazing to watch these seeds sprout and we highly recomend that everyone tries this. If you would like to get the seeds used in this article, click here. Or visit our page of Seeds and Sprouts
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