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These are some of the tool I've created over the years.


Smith may be a profession, or a common last name, or an element of many place names, and probably other possible Wikipedia article titles. The common solution is to create a 'disambiguation' page, which helps readers find the article best related to what they are looking for.

  • Dablinks
    Tool to check multiple pages for links to disambiguation pages
  • Dab solver
    A simple point and click interface for quickly fixing disambiguation and includes many unique features.
  • Dabfix
    A program to help automate cleanup of a disambiguation page

Checklinks produces detailed reports on external links in Wikipedia articles. Editors then can repair dead links with the Wayback Machine or WebCite with a few clicks. It also features an autonomous mode where it builds web page history while preventively archiving using WebCite for WikiProjects.

Reflinks is well known by many Wikipedians. It can significantly reduce the amount of time spent converting a URL-only reference into a full citation.


ghel is a parser for extracting geographic locations from Wikipedia articles and dumping them into a SQL database for quick retrieval for maps tools.


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