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Ethiopia, Day Five: Another Trip to Tomoca and Traditional Coffee

I went back to Tomoca today, and I brought some food with me to distribute to people in need.

First, I walked to the Hilton to reserve a trip to Bishangari on Lake Langano. Just before I entered the Hitlon, I had a guide approach me and he was wondering if I spoke Ahmaric, but I didn’t. I left after getting some information (in the end, we went with Getts Tours which had the best prices and the best service) and I met up with a kid outside the hotel. I accepted him as a guide, and we walked to Tomoca together. I gave out some food along the way and told the guide straight up that there wouldn’t be money for him.

After Tomoca, I gave him some of the nuts that I had with me (many of the containers still sealed and fresh) and I think he still wanted some money because he said something about going to eat lunch at the hilton and using my card, but I ended up giving him the nuts and 11 Birr (all that I had left after the coffee). I gave away the rest (Sunkist raisins which were delicious, lentils, bread and raisin bread). He seemed afraid to go too close to the Hilton probably due to the guards chasing away these guides. My guide was very helpful, because he also prevented a pickpocket. The pickpocket seemed like a bit of a crazy or a drunk man and first he asked me to help me with a bag, and then he touched me on the arm. Whenever someone touches you you know they’re up to no good.

When I left the Hilton the rain started coming down very hard. When the sun shines in Addis, it’s hot due to its near equatorial location, even though the altitude is high. The sun’s UV rays are also stronger and can burn you even through the clouds. However, when the rain comes it can come quickly, and hard. My pants and shoes got soaked even though I had an umbrella, and when the rain hit me on the arm it hit hard enough to sting. The streets became flooded with mud in no time at all and it took days for my shoes to dry.

We went to eat at the traditional resto in the hotel and observed a coffee ceremony and I cooled off from all of the caffeine in the pool, but I still had trouble sleeping!


28-Jul-2011 11:41, SONY DSC-S950, 3.1, 8.7mm, 0.025 sec, ISO 250


28-Jul-2011 12:38, SONY DSC-S950, 2.5, 5.8mm, 0.025 sec, ISO 100


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