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There are many factors you can blame for the obesity and being generally overweight these days, but most of all, the very people suffering from these conditions are at fault. Our lifestyle today doesn’t include much physical activity, but most people are still eating like they are physical workers. If this continues during a longer period of time, these people will inevitably gain weight. Once there, these pounds have to be dealt with. This is hard because of several reasons; first, changing years of bad habits, or better said, changing years of any habits, takes tremendous amount of willpower. Second, the pounds gathered over the course of several years can’t go away in a matter of three months. Third, there are many foods out there that have low or no proper nutritional values, but people can’t live without them. The third reason is the biggest problem; with so many delicious things around us, we can easily forget that most of them are empty calories. Healthy eating is the best way to lose weight, keep your normal weight and be healthy.

Healthy eating step one: drop the bad habits

The most important step towards a healthier body is to drop the bad habits you have. You don’t have to drop all of them, but consider this – with each bad habit you drop it will be a bit easier to lose weight, and you will feel much better. I’m speaking from my personal experience; I was a smoker for 9 years, and I really thought I will never quit smoking. It was unimaginable to start my daily routine without coffee and a cigarette and a bit of web browsing. As if this wasn’t enough, I didn’t even exercise, I was basically a couch potato, and even found it annoying to go out for longer periods of time. All of this was combined with a few extra pounds that kind of grew and grew. The first bad habit that I dropped were cigarettes, and this was actually a sudden decision. One day, I light up a cigarette, and it didn’t taste any good anymore, so I just put it out. I gave the rest of the pack to my friend, and I never light up a cigarette again. Not long ago after that, I decided it’s time to deal with the extra pounds. The first thing I did was inform myself about healthy eating habits.

Healthy eating step two: adopting new habits

The second step, after dropping your bad habits, is to see what foods go under the label healthy eating. You just have to google this, and you will soon find many sources for assembling together a healthy diet for yourself. The best course of action is to have a low fat diet with lots of vegetables and fruit. The UN diet was my pick, even though there were a lot of controversies around it. The diet is strict on one hand, but on the other hand, you aren’t really restricted about what to eat. The biggest problem I faced with the UN diet were the vitamin days, where you are allowed to eat only fruits or vegetables. Every fourth day is a vitamin day, and even though it was kind of hard at first, I got used to it rather fast. I found many interesting recipes for the UN diet, and I felt much better in a matter of first two weeks of the diet. It lasts 90 days, and even though this seems very long, it’s worth it. Your pounds begin to melt in the second week, they drop the fastest in the middle of the diet, and slow down to the end. I managed to drop almost 30 pounds with this, so I would recommend it to anyone. My doctor was checking the progress, so if something were wrong, I could break the diet. Luckily, everything went by the plan.

Healthy eating step three: keeping the new habits

The new eating habits I adopted through the UN diet stayed with me, and my pounds didn’t come back. I completely changed my habits to healthy eating, and honestly, I can’t remember when was the last time I ate chips or something like that. Don’t worry, I still eat pizza and ice cream, as I am allowed to do this on carbohydrate days, and this kept me going through the whole diet. All I can say is that it really helped me see what I was missing out on – healthy recipes are actually tasty, so, give it a go.

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