I am pleased to report that the Board of Lismore Management Corporation as responsible entity for the East Coast Mortgage Trust is continuing with the orderly wind down of the Trust with a further return of capital to investors.

An amount equal to 10% of investors' current balance will be returned to investors on the 3rd April 2013.

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Tue, Feb 26th, 2013

Reply from ASIC regarding Mr Warren Atta-Singh's request

Our letter of 11th February advised that a Trust Investor Mr Warren Atta-Singh had lodged a request for a copy of our register of unit holders containing your personal details (name & address only).

Since that letter we received hundreds of calls and emails from investors strenuously opposing this register be handed to Mr Atta-Singh.

For more information please download and read this announcement.

Mon, Feb 11th, 2013

Request from Mr Warren Atta-Singh

We wish to advise that Mr. Warren Atta-Singh has lodged a request to be provided with a copy of the register of unit holders in the East Coast Mortgage Trust. Mr. Atta-Singh is an investor in the Trust.

Mr. Atta-Singh states that his request is for the purpose of contacting other members of the East Coast Mortgage Trust to convene a meeting to raise concerns with the administration of the Trust.

For more information please download and read this announcement.

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East Coast Mortgage Trust

East Coast Mortgage Trust is a long established financial institution with more than 50 years experience in servicing the people of the North Coast of New South Wales and South East Queensland.

The Trust’s aim has been to provide a combination of high return, secure opportunities for investors and a source of competitive commercial finance for borrowers.

However since the onset of the GFC and the announcement in late 2008 of the Federal Government Bank Guarantee, Mortgage Trusts across Australia have struggled in the face of extremely difficult conditions. It is clear that those conditions have brought about change in the financial landscape.

As a result the Board of Lismore Management Corporation have resolved to commence an orderly wind down of the East Coast Mortgage Trust in its current form.

The Board continues to act in the best interests of investors and will continue to make the necessary decisions to ensure an orderly wind down of the Trust. During this phase the Board will continue to explore opportunities which may be beneficial to investors.

Further details on the specific actions resulting from this decision are contained on this website to assist all investors.

 We encourage our investors to contact us should they have questions on any of the information on this site which they wish to discuss in further detail.

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