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Aikin Lambert Fountain Pen Company

New York City
23 Maiden Lane 1887-1891
19 Maiden Lane  1901-1907
15-19 Maiden Lane  1908 -1915
10 Cortland St 1916
163 Front St  1920

 3 Dey St  1924-1932

Aikin Lambert claimed to have been in business since 1864.  Throughout the 1800s they produced a wide variety of mechanical pencils, jewelry and gold dip pens. Their pencils were of the magic style, twist actions and many were figural taking shapes such as bottles, bells and many others. They also produced toothpicks, ear spoons and thimbles. They sold wide selection of gold dip pens nibs from small to huge and in every style that was in demand. Many fountain pen companies purchased nibs from them to use in their pens including Waterman and Wirt.    In the late 1800s  they were the agent for Paul Wirt pens. They began selling their own line of fountain pens in the 1890s.  Most of their early pens were plain or chased black hard rubber with very few red or red/black mottled pens. They did make many overlay eyedropper fill pens of high quality. The overlays usually aren’t marked on these pens.   They made a match-stick filler and offered a slip on clip that could be used to fill the pen by sliding it down and pushing the ball of the clip into the filling hole of the barrel. They made a self filler around 1907 that was basically a bulb filler. Waterman purchased the company at some point in the 1920s and their pen line basically became a sub-brand of Waterman. In the 1920s their hard rubber pens were almost identical to Waterman even having riveted clips. Their early celluloid pens of the 1920s were still good quality pens but in the 1930s the quality of the line kept going downhill.  The plastic pens soon began to be a very cheap line for Waterman to sell until they finally bled the name dry.  Some of their trademarks include Capitol, Mercantile, Alco, Lady Dainty, Educator [not to be confused with the Security Educator] and Beacon. The Beacon name is usually found on their Stylographic pens.  I have seen the name misspelled "Aiken" many times. Waterman produced some pens that are marked as both an Aikin Lambert and a Waterman product. 



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