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Welcome to the Walpole Cross Keys Village site. Cross Keys is a small community situated where Norfolk borders with both Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire.

The name comes from Pool by the Wall and it was originally a hamlet on the eastern side of the marsh that had to be crossed to get to Long Sutton in Lincolnshire - the alternative was a thirty mile round trip over the bridge at Wisbech. This situation continued until the River Nene was canalised and the new swing bridge (Cross Keys Bridge) created along with the settlement of Sutton Bridge.

Generally thought to be the place from which King Johnís jewels crossed the Wash (and were lost) it is a small agricultural community that was served for almost one hundred years by the M&GN (Midland and Great Northern or Muddle and Get Nowhere) Railway.

See the history page for more details of the background of the village - including old photographs of the village.

At the start of the 20th century the village benefitted from the generosity of Lady Jephson who provided a village hall - a newly re-furbished building stands on the same site today.

Cross Keys has an active Parish Council intent on improving the look of the village and recently commissioned a Parish Plan (Blueprint for the Future) which is published on this site. The Councilís latest addition to the village is the Eva Kemp/Station Garden.
The village has a thriving Primary School with a Ladybirds pre-school on the same site
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Recycle your
8th January 2013
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Sign refurbishment
Crime Report
23rd March 2013
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Walpole Cross Keys
The Annual Parish Meeeting was given the following report on crime in the parish over the past twelve months.
There were a total of 16 recorded crimes for the period 19th March 2012 to 19th March 2013 in the whole of the Parish. These were 4 Theft from Motor Vehicle, 4 Criminal Damage, 2 Burglary (Other than a dwelling), 2 Assault, 2 Theft, 1 Drugs and 1 Sexual Offence.
Planning our                             together

26th February 2013

A very well-attended meeting was held in the Jephson Hall on Monday 25th February at which the issues in the Planning our Future document were discussed at length.

The ideas raised from that meeting will go towards a re-drafting of the current document prior to Parish Council fully investigating the process involved in adopting the document as the basis for the Neighbourhood Plan.

Help to save the environment by recycling your Waste Electrical and Electonic Equipment (WEE) through Norfolk County Council. 
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Car parking
30th January 2013
Six car parking spaces are now available to the school on the Woolpack frontage.

27th March 2013
New contact details appear for Ladybirds Pre-school.

For further information click HERE.
Election result
6th May 2013
Fred Agnew (UKIP) was returned as the Councty Councillor for Marshland North - click here for details.  See Contact page for details of address.

Notices in the Parish
17th April 2013
Following further vandalism to the new noticeboard in the bus shelter near the school the Parish Council has decided to waste no more money on public noticeboards..  In future public notices will be displayed only in the the Jephson Hall notocieboard (in the porch) or on this website.