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Byron Saxton
Steve Keirn, President

With 40 years of experience under his belt, Steve Keirn spent most of it in the Sunshine State.  Steve was also able to parlay his regional fame into international success, which eventually led him to his current position as NXT President.

Beginning in the late 70s for Eddie Graham’s Championship Wrestling from Florida, Steve enjoyed both singles and tag success.  This success carried over from territory to territory well into the 80s, achieving multiple championships.  Perhaps his most well-known tag team accomplishments occurred with partner Stan Lane as part of The Fabulous Ones. 

It didn’t take long for Steve’s in-ring savvy to catch the eye of the WWE.  His debut as Skinner channeled his Florida roots and quickly became an imposing and fearsome figure in the WWE Universe.

While Steve has retired from active competition, he still maintains a very full schedule.  His responsibilities as head of NXT involve everything from booking venues for live events to training young hopefuls in a beginner’s class twice a week to everything else in between.  He is also a very active member of the community and of many charitable organizations.  Steve Keirn is very proud of the work he has been able to do thus far and hopes to continue the success of NXT well into the future.


Dusty Rhodes, Creative Director

3 Time World Heavyweight Champion. The Bull of the Woods. WWE Hall of Famer. The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

The name Dusty Rhodes is synonymous with Sports Entertainment. One of the most recognizable figures and biggest box office attractions in history, the American Dream has spent the better part of the last 40 years headlining cards across the globe.

Now, as part of the illustrious NXT Training staff, Dusty shares his vast wisdom with WWE Developmental talent, helping to sculpt the future of Sports Entertainment.

Perhaps Rhodes’ biggest asset would be his ability to connect with crowds through communication. Rhodes has few, if any, peers when it comes to that aspect of Sports Entertainment.

Rhodes’ contribution to the creative aspect of this industry is just as stellar as his in-ring career. Providing countless hours of entertainment to families across the country and around the world, there will only ever be ONE American Dream.


Bill DeMott, Head Trainer

Bill DeMott is a well-traveled sports entertainer with extensive in-ring and behind-the-scenes experience. Now lending that experience to the future superstars of Raw and Smackdown, DeMott brings a no-nonsense, yet caring approach to teaching the finer points of sports entertainment.
DeMott’s in-ring career spanned two decades and took him from Puerto Rico to Japan to Mexico and back to the United States, where he achieved success in ECW, WCW and ultimately, the WWE.

Perhaps best known for his coaching role on the popular series WWE Tough Enough, DeMott was hard-nosed and strict, but also a father figure of sorts to the youngster attempting to realize their respective dreams.

In 2012, DeMott was named head coach of WWE Developmental, the official developmental territory of the WWE.



Joey Mercury

At the youthful age of 32, Joey Mercury is an experienced veteran of the squared circle, having spent half of his life involved with Sports Entertainment. Having competed in 3 different decades, Mercury is one of the best young minds in the entire industry.

Mercury accomplished a rare feat – competing in ECW, WCW and WWE…all prior to his 21st birthday.

A veritable sponge, Mercury surrounded himself with veterans and legends of sports entertainment throughout his career and collected knowledge and insight along the way.

Mercury is perhaps best known as a 3-Time World Tag Team Champion in one of the greatest tag teams of the 2000’s – MNM. After the breakup of that team, Mercury would resurface as part of WWE Superstar CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society prior to accepting a position as a trainer w/ WWE Talent Development.


Norman Smiley

Born and raised in England, Norman grew up a diehard wrestling fan.  Moving to Miami in the 80s, a chance encounter with “Professor” Boris Malenko allowed Norman to channel his passion into a full-time career.  Training alongside former WWE Superstar Dean Malenko and the legendary wrestling figure Karl Gotch, Norman’s skill and natural abilities provided him an opportunity to travel the globe, spending time in Japan and Mexico.  To this day, the name “Black Magic” still resonates loudly south of the border.

With word traveling fast about Norman’s performances in Mexico, WCW jumped on the opportunity to bring in this well-trained superstar.  Norman initially entered WCW during its heyday in 1997.  The once scientific grappler quickly became more known for his hardcore prowess (2-time WCW Hardcore Champion) and his quirky antics, including the Big Wiggle.

While Norman has concluded his in-ring career, he still has an opportunity to give back to this industry as a trainer for NXT.  “I’ve been truly blessed to have such an active career and I’m honored to be in a position to pass my knowledge to others”


Ricky Steamboat

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat is one of the most respected sports entertainers of all time. Lauded for his in-ring style and technique, this former World Heavyweight Champion and Intercontinental Champion now shares his knowledge with the future of Sports Entertainment as one of the trainers at Florida Championship Wrestling.

Perhaps Steamboat’s greatest asset would be his versatility, as he was both an outstanding singles and tag team grappler. World traveled, Steamboat’s greatest in-ring clashes were with longtime rival Nature Boy Ric Flair and the Macho Man Randy Savage (specifically their classic encounter at WrestleMania III in front of 93,000 fans. Throughout his decorated 18-year career, Steamboat was a perennial fan favorite and was known for his work ethic and class. In 2009, Steamboat achieved the ultimate milestone when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.


Terry Taylor
Sara Del Rey

With 11 years of experience in the ring, Sara Del Rey was recently named the first female trainer at WWE Developmental/NXT.

A well-traveled talent, Del Rey has spent most of her career in Japan, Mexico and the East Coast – despite starting her career in California.

Del Rey was originally trained by some of the top stars of wrestling today and has worked her way into becoming one of the most respected females in and out of the ring.


Terry Taylor
Terry Taylor

Technically gifted with an innate ability to adapt to any type of opposition, Terry Taylor had a very successful run in numerous territories as both a fan favorite and rulebreaker in the mid to late 80s.

As a new decade dawned, Taylor showcased his talents in both WCW and the WWE as an in-ring performer, prior to taking backstage roles in both World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment in the late 90s.

Taylor brings a wealth of experience to his current position at Florida Championship Wrestling. In his 33 year career, he has seen all aspects, both in-ring and behind the scenes, of sports entertainment and now has an outlet to share his knowledge with the future superstars of the WWE.



Rob Naylor, Creative Assistant

From a very young age, Rob Naylor always dreamed of being involved in Sports Entertainment.

In October 2011, that dream came true when he accepted the role of Creative Assistant at Florida Championship Wrestling.

Prior to arriving at NXT, Naylor spent several years on the Independent Wrestling circuit, hitting the road most weekends in search of any opportunity to be part of live events,
whether as a ring announcer, backstage interviewer, color commentator or play-by-play duties.

A product of the Pennsylvania Coal Region, the diminutive Naylor worked in healthcare and spent years as a newspaper reporter and public relations assistant, putting his
communications degree to good use prior to receiving the call to report to Tampa, Florida after accepting what he dubbed the "job offer of a lifetime".

Naylor's role at NXT could best be described as "Jack of All Trades", as he can be seen on both behind the scenes and on-camera (as Summer Rae's pint-sized, adoring lackey).

Thrilled to be putting decades of research and knowledge of Sports Entertainment to good use, Naylor's primary goal at NXT is to assist it's legendary cast of producers and coaches
in any way, shape or form in an effort to put forth the best (and smoothest run) events possible.


Byron Saxton, Creative Assistant

Byron Saxton is a man of many hats.  A veteran of NXT, Saxton has served as an in-ring performer, manager, commentator, interviewer and most recently, NXT Ring Announcer.  The former ECW broadcaster prides himself on having the ability to adapt to any role at any time.

Today, Saxton is just as busy behind the camera as he is in front of it.  Utilizing his unique blend of charisma and experience, Saxton works hard to ensure the success of NXT for years to come.