Make More Money

More client bookings means more revenue in your pocket.

Save Time

No more phone tag or long email exchanges.

Fewer No-Shows

Automatic email reminders reduce no-show clients.

iPhone Compatible

Make and check bookings from your iPhone.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Customers can book while you work, play, or sleep.

Be Happier

EasyCal is simple to use and reliable for you and your clients.

Our Customers Succeed with EasyCal

  • I love that EasyCal is so simple and easy to use, and that my clients can book while I'm working or enjoying my personal life.

    Daniela from Vancouver
  • I really love how it makes life easy for me, and how good you've been with all my questions. I definitely think it's worth 20 bucks a month!

    Lindsay from Vancouver
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EasyCal Tour

  • Simple Online Booking

    We automatically create a custom booking calendar based on your location, schedule, and services. With this online calendar, your clients can book with you while you work or play - no more wasted time returning phone calls.

  • Control Your Schedule

    Set your schedule when you're available to your clients. Book time off when you're not able to work. Add availability when you're normally off (if you swap shifts).

  • Unlimited Services

    You add all your services, prices and durations. We make sure your clients can book in to receive your fabulous services.

  • Multiple Locations

    Add as many locations as you like. We'll make sure your client knows where to show up when they book an appointment with you.

  • Book Appointments for Clients

    You can book appointments for your clients if you choose. Book them for whenever you like, even when you're normally closed.

  • Keep Track of Client Info

    See who your most valuable clients are. Keep your client list with you when you change workplaces. Get notified when it's a client's birthday so you can offer them a discount or just wish them a great day.

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