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If You’re Going to Self-Pub a Book, Get an Ereader

26 February 2012

From author Deanna Knippling:

One thing I do know, though: the experience of reading ebooks is not 1:1 for reading paper books and probably affects people’s purchasing habits.  So if you’re thinking about epublishing, even if you’re dead-set against the ebook-reading experience and want to stay with print books, you should:

Get an ereader

Before you start selling ebooks, get an ereader.  Heck, they’re cheap–get several and write them off on your taxes.  Spend at least a month reading books on your ereader.  JUST on your ereader, if you can manage it.  Here are your goals for that month:

  • Download several books from your local library, if ebooks are available.
  • Download a THICK book from your ereader’s online store.  Maybe even a boxed set.
  • Download 20-30 free ebooks from your ereader’s online store.
  • Figure out how to read an ebook in the bathtub (hint: wrap the ereader in a freezer bag).
  • Download several books from Project Gutenberg.
  • Scroll through the Smashwords home page until you see at least ten books that you’re tempted to buy.
  • Download 20-30 free ebooks from Smashwords.
  • Cruise through the ebook store for your ereader and find one book that you can’t resist buying at $.99.
  • Do the same, but for a $2.99 book.
  • Again, do the same with an ebook $9.99 or less.
  • Finally, go nuts and buy a book that you’ve been planning to buy, regardless of the price.
  • (You might want to consider doing similar things on your smartphone, if you have one: try Aldiko and the Amazon and Nook apps, try the Overdrive app and set it up for your library.  You should download those things from your app store, by the way, not online.)

Buying books on an ereader isn’t like buying a print book.  With print books, you have to consider both price and space.  Generally, you have to pay for print books, and you generally have to pay more than $.99, even at Goodwill.  (Mine are usually $1.)  And regardless of whether or not you pay for a print book, you always have to keep in mind that a print book takes up shelf space at your home (or chair space, or floor space, or space on top of your kids’ heads if they’re especially flat).

Link to the rest at deannaknippling.com

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7 Comments to “If You’re Going to Self-Pub a Book, Get an Ereader”

  1. One of the first things I did when I decided to publish on the Kindle platform was buy a Kindle. I already had the app on my computer and my iPod, but felt I really needed to know how my work was being presented over several devices.

    As the author of this article says, the price can be written off on your taxes as a business expense – so it’s almost like getting them free if your sole business is ebooks.

  2. Probably good advice. Well, my mum’s been trying to persuade me to accept an ereader for Christmas or birthday for the past year; maybe I’ll cave.

  3. I like the advice about how to read in the bath!

    • Yes – extremely useful! Does it work? (Does anyone know?) Honestly – my stated reason for holding off on an ereader for as long as I resisted was because I like reading in the tub. I wouldn’t want to buy (even with a tax write-off) a relatively expensive piece of electronics and end up frying it. I like my baths very hot.

  4. YES!!! I read in the bathtub all the time, and you could boil a lobster in my baths. Just make sure you get a reader that has buttons; trying to swipe pages through the bag gets annoying.

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