We are an active group concerned with safeguarding – and raising awareness of – the heritage of Glasgow’s West End. The more of us there are, the stronger our voice, so if you want to join us and get involved, you’ll be very welcome!

The West End has an outstanding Victorian and Edwardian architectural heritage, including a number of terraces by “Greek Thomson”, whose unique vision was realised almost entirely within Glasgow. We also have some  contemporary buildings of exceptional quality, particularly within the University, but also (for instance) the new Hillhead Primary School.

We know that the character of our area is a constant source of delight to local residents. We also know that it positively influences the view of the city formed by many of our visitors –  tourists, students, conference delegates, and business visitors – so it’s in our own interests to look after this rich legacy.

Our widely appreciated walking-trail information-sheets, our guided walks, and our lectures all help raise awareness community consciousness and enjoyment of the urban scene.

Our vibrant community cannot be preserved for ever with no change at all. We aim to use our influence to encourage sympathetic development in character with the existing streetscape – we’ve many instances where our representations have been taken on board, and we’re always willing to assist proprietors with informal advice.

Our convener attends on average three major conferences every year, and the committee prepares responses to any relevant public consultations. We are represented on Glasgow Urban Design Panel, and are founder members of Glasgow Civic Forum (formerly Glasgow Conservation Forum). For over 10 years we have funded an annual School Award in each of the four local secondary schools.

We have recently published an updated FGW Bibliography listing 115 publications, mainly non-fiction with  some fiction, and are currently working on a compendium of our listed buildings.

This website gives full details of our activities. Or, to see what we’re up to, read our our Newsletters. Enjoy!.