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Network Integration Evaluation (NIE)
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Network Integration Evaluation (NIE)
Phone Roster 
Battalion CMD and Staff     HHC  
BC 575-674-7900   CO CDR  575-674-7859
CSM  575-674-8100 CO 1SG  575-674-7858
XO 575-674-8200   CO XO  575-674-7857
Adjutant 575-674-7801   OPS SGT   575-674-7855
S1 OIC 575-674-7811   FSC  
S1 NCOIC 575-674-7810   CO CDR 575-674-7907
S2 OIC 575-674-7813 CO 1SG 575-674-7906
S2 NCOIC 575-674-7814   CO XO 575-674-7908
S3 OIC 575-674-7821   OPS SGT 575-674-7905
S3 NCOIC 575-674-7822   40th MAC  
S3 OIC 575-674-7821   CO CDR 575-674-7944
S3 Plans 575-674-7828   CO 1SG 575-674-7945
CBRN NCO 575-674-7825   CO XO 575-674-7946
CHOP's 575-674-7830   OPS SGT 575-674-7947
S3 Land/Ammo 575-674-7826   573 CLEARANCE  
S4 OIC 575-674-7840   CO CDR 575-674-7955
S4 NCOIC 575-674-7837   CO 1SG 575-674-7956
S4 Facilities Manager 575-674-7838   CO XO 575-674-7957
S5 575-674-7842   OPS SGT 575-674-7958
S6 OIC 575-674-7843   595 SAPPER  
S6 NCOIC 575-674-7944   CO CDR 575-674-7940
PBO 575-674-7936   CO 1SG 575-674-7943
BMO (TEMF) 575-674-7923   CO XO  575-674-7942
BMT (TEMPF) 575-674-7821   OPS SGT 575-674-7941
BMS (TEMPF) 575-674-7822   Truman Kimbro DFAC  
Chaplin (COF) 575-674-7851   NCOIC 575-674-7931
Career Counselor 575-674-7853   ADMIN 575-674-7930
Re Enlistment NCO 575-674-7854      


FAX 575-679-0134     575-679-0116
Staff Duty Desk 575-679-0134      
Staff Duty Officer        
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This is a Department of Defense Computer System. This computer system, including all related equipment, networks, and network devices (specifically including Internet access) are provided only for authorized U.S. Government use. DoD computer systems may be monitored for all lawful purposes, including to ensure that their use is authorized, for management of the system, to facilitate protection against unauthorized access, and to verify security procedures, survivability, and operational security. Monitoring includes active attacks by authorized DoD entities to test or verify the security of this system. During monitoring, information may be examined, recorded, copied and used for authorized purposes. All information, including personal information, placed or sent over this system may be monitored.

Use of this DoD computer system, authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to monitoring of this system. Unauthorized use may subject you to criminal prosecution. Evidence of unauthorized use collected during monitoring may be used for administrative, criminal, or other adverse action. Use of this system constitutes consent to monitoring for these purposes.

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