Sliding Banner Rotator Pro

Sliding Banner Rotator Pro

This is Sliding Banner Rotator Pro which display you images/swf with very cool sliding effect. Banner can play sequential or random, support mouse wheel scroll, support special characters like â æ è ê í ó and more! Read below for more features!


  • Full XML Driven
  • Resizable - very easy to resize banner to fit your need
  • Banner can load jpg/gif/png/swf file
  • You can embed banner into html or use it inside your flash project
  • Banner can play sequential / random
  • Support mouse wheel scroll
  • Full customizable color (title color, text color, line color, number color, progress bar color through XML )
  • Add title text as many as you wish
  • Add description text as many as you wish
  • Support HTML tag
  • Support special characters like â æ è ê í ó
  • Unlimited load images/swf files
  • Set timer individually for each image/swf (timer is second based)
  • Add link for each image/swf from XML
  • Set link can open in same / different window from XML
  • Set show/hidden timer from XML
  • Easy to change font type, font size, etc


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