BANNER ROTATOR with Auto Delay Time

This is an XML banner rotator with automatic delay time depending on the number of words used in caption. There are more features, around 35 settings parameters available in the xml file.

- Can load JPEG , PNG, GIF images and SWF files
- Resizable to any extent
- Auto Time delay according to number of words (length of caption)
- Fixed time delay also can be added
- 5 Different Transition Effects
- Supports both Embedded and non embedded fonts
- Usual HTML formatting can be added to the non embedded fonts
- Also some of the HTML options works for embedded fonts.(example: Color, hyper link, line breaks, font size and many more)
- Adjustable line spacing and letter spacing
- Choice for sequential and random order
- Adjustable transition speed (for the “move” transition)
- Enable / disable buttons
- Enable / disable Auto play

Source File: Fully editable Flash source in Flash 8.0 with AS2 . The buttons design and font can be changed easily through library symbols.

Here is the screen shot of the xml parameters:


UPDATE [27 NOV 2008 ] :
- BACK button added which can be enabled / disabled through xml file
- Options provided to display the NUMBER BUTTONS permanently
- Options to randomize the order of images

UPDATE [04 DEC 2008 ] :
- 4 more Transition Effects added.
- Options to make the NUMBER BUTTONS to align horizontal or vertical.
- PLAY / PAUSE options on clicking the Timer Clock.
- Ability to display the numbers ascending or descending order.

UPDATE [10 DEC 2008 ] :
- Ability to set background color / transparency for the blur area behind the caption.
- Options for random transition effects
- Options to resize the image automatically to fit within available area.

UPDATE [22 DEC 2008 ] :
- The numbers on Button can be changed into any text through xml file (but only for vertical button version)
- The text area can be aligned to top or bottom of the banner through xml
- The buttons can be aligned left or right through xml

UPDATE [29 JUNE 2009 ] :

- Option to set corner radius in xml to make the banner as a rounded rectangle.
- Option to stop playing after desired number of loops.
- Option to set margin for buttons.

UPDATE [01 AUG 2009 ] :
Previously, this banner had 2 different set of files for Embedded font version and Non-Embedded font version. Now it is made to single file and you can choose to embed or not through the xml paramater.