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The Plus Banner Rotator is a basic XML driven image and SWF file display interface which can be used within Flash documents or as a stand-alone Flash file within HTML documents. The content is added into the display list using an XML file. It supports the addition of image files, SWF files and text messages that display over the content. Slide image is treated as a slide and each slide as some unique settings such as:
  • Transition Effect (There are 16 transition effects to choose from)
  • Slide Display Duration
  • Type of slide
  • Path to file
  • Text fields
    • Start Animation X, Y and Alpha values
    • End Animation X, Y and Alpha values
    • Animation speed
    • Animation delay
    • Text colour
    • Text Alpha
    • Text Block Colour
    • Text Block Padding
    • Text Block Alpha
    • Text Block Blending mode
You will be able to create basic animations without touching the Flash document. Obviously some further functionality is provided for advanced users who are comfortable editing Flash ActionScript, as such the code had been commented to provide a better understanding of the functionality.

This item is provided as is, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to provide customization of the item apart from what is provided in the XML . However the code is adequately commented so that Flash Developers can customize it

Update 1.1

Found a small bug with the HTML resizing which has now been resolved