Smart Banner - XML - Based Banner Rotator

Smart Banner is a thoughtfully developed XML – based banner rotator. Its simple design elements and classic animation make it ideal for any project that requires a banner rotator.

Smart Banner Rotator features

  • Dynamically display GIF images, PNG images, JPG images, and SWF files
  • Rotate as little or as many banners as you wish
  • Control the source path to each banner from the XML file
  • Control the source path to the XML file from your HTML page. Name the XML file whatever you want. Store the XML file wherever you want.
  • Apply a link for each banner from the XML file
  • Set each link to open in a new window (or not) from the XML file
  • Control separate time delays for each banner from the XML file
  • Disable buttons, adjust canvas size, button positioning, preloader positioning and more within seconds from the FLA file.
  • Change the design of the buttons’ look and feel by editing one movie clip within the FLA file.

Download includes: FLA file, XML file, detailed help file written in HTML , and a complete set of sample materials which suggests the best way to embed the SWF and organize your banner images and other assets.

Ongoing Improvements:

  • 03.01.2010: Added ability to turn off numbered buttons from FLA file. Just Set “DisplayButtons” variable to false.
  • 01.15.2010: Added code to ensure XML file is never loaded from cache.
  • 06.10.2009: Path to the XML file can now be passed into Smart Banner from the hosting HTML page.