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- – - Annnd, we’re back! Just a little intermission there. Some exciting prospects and projects lined up for this semester. First off we have a new 3D modeling competition for a Makerbot! The object is to create a little pet monster so it is printable. As soon as I heard about it I knew EXACTLY which creature in going to do….. It’s called a Queeper. The final draft is due by march 1st so ill upload my progress as I make it.

- – - In other news, University’s Humans VS Zombies date is set for early April. Plus this X-mas my little brother got me a brand spanking new Nerf Recon CS-6! For nearly two hours I felt 12 again, wielding a spartan sized weapon… That’s when it struck me, SPARTAN! I immediately started researching how I could make a live bullet readout. Unfortunately the internet lacks any kind of suggestions for this type of build. The solution came to me after buying the 18-round drum from Target a few weeks later. I decided that I need a sensor per bullet but to limit the input to as few as 3-4 pins… Now if you take a look inside one and mess around with it you’ll notice that an exposed “Curly spring” tracks the progress of a black plastic spacer. My plan is that i’ll drill ~18 holes into the drum after measuring the spacer’s progress, then install ~18 spring loaded machine screws around the drum with a 100Ω resister with each one & as the metal spring makes contact it will complete the circuit adding the resistance (Looks like I might have them in parallel) With a little math in my new Arduino I should be able to figure out how many shells are remaining with a little math.


P.s: As far as I’m concerned I am talking to myself. If I start lagging in posts again, leave a comment, email me, fling poo, SOMETHING! And i’ll get right back on track, Promise ;)

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Dont you love those thoughts?

I have been stuck in an endless loop of: studying, eating, observing, and sleeping. I have ONE NIGHT of pure freedom before Murphy and my lifestyle take it over once again. What am I going to do with it? Can anyone say OVERNIGHTER? Whoo! I’m going to craft my mascot! I’m uploading an image of my best attempt at drawing before my death in a  past life. I like his feel, sort of edgy, geometrically simple’ish, and still cute. I Shall call him Tinker! Well…Back to modeling!!

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-    At last! all my glorious homework is too weak to put up a fight, so I finished it off yesterday. However, I didn’t wake up early today for nothing… no! I’m going to finish at least one foot in Solidworks before class at 1:50pm EST, IF IT KILLS ME! Already the submissions are starting to flow. So far 4 robots have been uploaded, a makerbot+Mario hat, some sort of Lego dude (But he’s on private XP), a cylindrical tower, and one of the best so far is a “Helping hands” style submission by Joseph Larson. Since the tool-set has been downloaded about 60 times, I’m expecting at least 60-120 more competitors in less than 14 days. Lets crash and burn!!… (Robot Jox reference, Awesome Movie Btw ;-) )


A little shout-out to my pal Robert Post, who taught me how to appreciate tea. Mmmmmm English Breakfast….. ^.^



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I have started to mess around with the theme again, I am determined to make it professional looking. Other than that I have hours of homework to do and a pre-lab due after Solidworks at 3pm. Later, after the dust settles from my neck-breaking reentry.. I’ll focus my attention to the 3D foot that I started last night.

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This is it! the moment I have been waiting for… A real chance of earning a Makerbot!!
A competition has been unleashed to create a Makerbot mascot at http://grabcad.com/challenges/the-makerbot-robot-challenge With only 17 days left I must complete my mascot of awesomeness. The real challenge? I have only licked the surface of Solidworks.. It’s sweet alright! But it has this outer-layer of sour powder that I’m suffering through. After only two weeks of class I finally finished my first homework design that I didn’t need to scrap at least twice.
- – - Regardless, to overcome the great talent that I may be facing I’m going to work hard. Here’s the thought that occured to me in the shower that started the great snowball of brain-blasts!
The Makerbot is a maker, however itself was created! A creator created to create! How does a ‘Maker’ create best? With parts at hand.. However anything that creates can be a mascot… Whoo! A coffee pot themed Makerbot mascot…NO! I’m not going to be inspired by that mess!! A mascot is a symbol which inspires awe, pride, and most of all: out of control ENERGY!! I could go on campus and find 1,000 students that would take a bullet for the gators costumed mascot.
- – - After 3 days of mental mashing and a solid 2-3 hours of trying to draw… I have a brain-child that that I’m willing to go all in on. Now all I need to do is make it happen.
A very full day of class is tomorrow,

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Annnd I’m back!

- – - Just a quick scholarly update:
I passed my finals! All my worries have passed, I am a gator, It’s time to kick some ass! I’ve come to realize that my old way of thinking no longer holds any merit “Studying for the test, quiz, etc…” That worked fine for the meh classes that I would never see again, but this is the real deal. So no more stress! I’m going to do this right! *Battle Cry*
My Current semester is going great. It’s really exciting to know the in’s and out’s of circuits and especially Solidworks! Only a few classes in and Makerbot unleashes a competition for a Thing-O-Matic. I Would love to win, all I have to is design a mascot, no problem. Building it might be another challenge, either way I’m going to be set for class.
- – - No update for projects just yet, the Night vision helmet is functional but not comfortable or sneaky. I hope to have it completed by Halloween Mwhahaha…

Signing off,

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- – - It’s nice when blood sweat and tears pay off, especially if you have a guardian angel looking after you. My finals were harsh and my hope and confidence evaporated in the few days after I returned my tests dripping with the slimy graphite discharge of my consciousness. I was somewhat comfortable with my chances in Diffy Q’s but I wasn’t positive of anything. However just a few days ago I stumbled upon my final grades! I had recieved a B- in Diffy Q’s and *Drumroll* I passed Signals and systems with a C!!!!! Holy Fish!!
I said the entire semester “If I can pass this, I can pass anything” With these results I can’t wait to return for the Fall semester!
The next load:
Circuits 1 (Basics of circuits etc…)
Analytical Methods (Doing math like a computer would)
INTRO ELEC & COMP ENG (Etto…Nani desu ka?)
COMPU AIDED GRAPH/DES (Solidworks Baby!)

- – - In other News:
I have resumed work on my 2nd prototype of my Night Vision Helmet. All the basic components are in place and with a bit of duct tape its going though field testing to work out some bugs. A full update; pictures, details, and pearls of wisdom will be the next major update. If not tomorrow then before the 22nd of August, also a better profile picture of myself, and a new banner, and less blue.

Until next time
-Secret Agent Man’s brother: Devin

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- – I am seriously going to shoot the next person in the face for accusing me of slacking when I take a breather! Less than 24 hours until this nightmare is over, Finally my free time will return to me and I will be all POWERFUL!

Back to hell, brb

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- – You know how sometimes you hear how someone say something but you don’t fully understand what it means until later?
I have a Ti-89 that I manifested with pure luck one day and I pick it’s little mind daily. However, now I have a different plan: Notefolio. Half an hour later I have everything running, I can type all day long into my keyboard and simply download it into my calculator. It keeps the wide blank spaces so my list doesn’t resemble assembly code (Which makes my life much easier) and the editor can mimic the actual 26 character screen.

Tomorrow i’ll be copying every single formula/example/homework problem for signals and systems. Now? Back to Diffy Q’s!

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Good news!! I single handedly aced my last differential equations quiz. Which means that if I rub my lucky objects just long enough Ill receive a healthy score on the quiz results that i’m now waiting on… As for Signals and systems? I’m going to need more lucky objects… Mr. Hammer has only two tests; the midterm & final. No quizzes in his class, also the homework doesn’t reflect the class notes very well either. Not to mention that the homework is only worth a measly 10% of the grade, the midterm? 35% Which leaves 55% of my grade on the outcome of a single test, 4 simple questions (Cumulative Btw) I don’t know about you, but right now I can eat the tension for every meal (With a little A1 sauce its not actually not bad)
It just seems unfair risking 35 hours of class, over 60 days spent in the library, and all the numerous trips to the teacher’s assistance office, on the results of one test.

Do I think i’m going to be ok? Yes. Been there, done that, every semesters the same. I’m going to do my best, it’s MURPHY i’m afraid of!
“Use the force, believe in yourself”

I promise some actual robotics stuff soon, next Friday is finals…