Series crosspost

Over at Chasin’ Jesus, I’ve got ten out of maybe 15 installments on a blog-book called Capitalism & Christianity.  Lots of stuff people here have seen before, but maybe some new things, especially the historical genealogies. Excerpts with links – Christians ought to be thinking about what Christians in community (a) should do, and (b) [...]

Steubenville, rape culture, “consent”

Steubenville has raised the question of rape in public again.  It’s fading now, since another young male shot himself after being foiled in his apparent attempt to commit yet another mass murder failed, and that is fading as Obama holds a war council with  Bibi Netanyahu.  I gotta say, men really know how to go [...]

Witch Hunts

This is actually a very rough portion of one section in a book I am working on, tentatively entitled, “Do You See This Woman?”  It is about Christianity and gender, and this one section is only a fraction of the whole argument; so don’t expect the entire explication here.  I just wanted to get some [...]


Around 100 billion human beings have been born by best estimates, and around seven percent of them are now living.  That seven percent will die, too, as will all the people who come after them.  Every child born today will die.  I will die.  You will die. As surely as the moment you are in [...]

Petraeus – Scandals and Veterans Day

History selected one man to oversee critical points in the defeat of the United States Armed Forces by two nations in Southwestern Asia.  And in the short term, the ever obsequious American media rewarded him lavishly for it.  That man was General David Petraeus. Petraeus as West Point grad The corporate perception managers, the governments [...]

Penile Politics

Several years ago, I met Jackson Katz at a fundraiser for the film “Hijacking Catastrophe.”  He was featured in a few films by Sut Jhally and the Media Education Foundation about masculinity and violence, and I was making a fair amount of noise about this association, too; so Sut introduced us, and we started talking [...]

Tempo Task Redux

Was 2009 really three years ago?  Were we talking about Blackwater, torture, and the Reichian warrior-father back then?  I suppose we were. And about how tempo tasks are the ritual used to manifest the warrior-father.  Reviewing then with Ann Kibbey, 2003: Both liberals and leftists in the U.S. have had difficulty in believing that a [...]

The Hygienic Divide

A Review of Conceiving Parenthood:  American Protestantism and the Spirit of Reproduction, by Amy Laura Hall (Wm. D. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2008) In the 20th Century, the United States of America documented itself as no other place has ever been.  We wrote down everything we thought.  We took a lot of pictures.  No realm of [...]

Baboon story

In 2004, PLOS Biology, a peer-reviewed journal, published “Emergence of  Peaceful Culture in Baboons,” documenting the field work of neurologist Robert Sapolsky and neuropsychologist Lisa Share. Sapolsky remarked, as a young researcher in Kenya, that while he studied baboons – in his case, using baboons to study the effects of stress – he found the [...]

Crisis of Faith – Elections & Money

Not the way we usually think about it.  Like campaign money, lobby money, ad money, etc.  The election is boiling down to a debate about money.  How much money should the government spend, where should they spend it, and how the government taxes “our” money. Of course neither party is talking much about money spent [...]