Hillside Steps

There are nearly 400 sets of City hillside stairways (not including those within the City Parks or Recreation properties) which serve the residents, visitors and commuters in the City of Cincinnati. A stairway leads up a hillside

The hillside steps are an integral part of our city's transportation system and provide a pedestrian-friendly connection to some areas of the City which are quite remote.

Besides the day-to-day use of the steps for the travelling public, the steps offer recreational uses as well. During the lunch hour and after work hours, it is not unusual to see joggers and hikers utilizing the stairway system as part of their exercise routes.

Also, the hillside steps are a point of destination for many visitors of the City. The public hillside stairways are recognized by many tourists as a unique feature of the City of Cincinnati.

The City of Cincinnati has developed the City Hillside Step Information System as a means of maintaining an inventory of each set of steps and also to track inspection and repair information.

Also, as part of the City Hillside Step Information System, the type of facilities in the vicinity of the steps is documented. Facility types noted are: Business, Church, Metro Bus Stop, Park, Recreation, School, Residences or Other. One set of steps may serve several of the facility types.