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Relationships & Life

From your love problems to life issues in general share your feelings here.

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We are on instagram!  

Hey guys, my cousins are selling dermal korea masks, can check out my previous forum ( http://ww...


25/05 02:09AM

Does he or does he not?  

Hey people :) I'm quite confused. This guy seems to like me. He inboxed me on Facebook to let ...


today 02:46PM

Suggest the Best "only one" gift to my loved one !  

Hye fellas! It has been almost 3 months for me working at a government department. At first, I ne...


23/05 10:23PM

Swapping Issues  

Hi there , I'm actually here to express my feeling about those who came to ask for swap swap swap...


22/05 09:55PM

Dip in Business. anyone?  

Hello there. Anybody taking Dip. in Business Management/Administration/ or Marketing here? Tell m...



21/05 10:25PM

FF Comics Part 3!  

Hello all! So yes there has been some sour stuff going around the forum about MIA buyers, rude bu...


22/05 10:07AM

I'm lost  

My cat just got hit and run by a van driver. I was outside at that time doing grocery shopping an...


22/05 02:26AM

Foundation In English  

Hey there guys... I'm an SPM leaver. So, recently I got an in english. ...


21/05 10:02PM

I don't know what to do.  

Hey gals, I have a guy friend which is a buddy of mine. He is like a brother to me. He was my ex'...


21/05 06:45PM

What is the best birthday gift for girlfriend?  

Hello girls.omg pleasee help me (think) My boyfriend's friend's girlfriend is going to have a...



21/05 01:14AM

I screwed up my studies T_T  

I'm facing a dilemma at the moment. Seeking for some advice/opinions. Hope you girls could help m...



16/05 02:40PM

Quitting self-harm.  

I recently read a forum abt self harm, and i thought i'd share my story. at the age of 14 i was a...


16/05 02:48AM


Hi girls, I sat for SPM last year and got a pretty good result. I got 7A+ 2A and 1A-. I applied f...


15/05 01:34AM

Materialistic girls  

Hi girls, do you all agree that the rich city girls are materialistic? They seems to be more conc...


13/05 11:24PM

8 years waiting  

Hi, i am looking for the best way to forget about my first love... I just can't forget him eventh...


10/05 09:31PM

Sweetest thing a guy has ever done for you!  

Hey girls, I've been watching too many chick flicks this week and I can't help but wonder, do swe...


09/05 05:43PM

Mother's Day  

Hi Girls ') Mother's Day is just around the corner . So , what you are plan for this great comin...


09/05 04:43PM

Boy Trouble  

Well dont we all have these? Okayhh so here's the deets. My house is a B&B (bed and breakfast)...



07/05 09:02PM

Upset and discouraged  

Hi everyone . My results were really disappointing and I really don't know what to do . Lets just...


21/04 09:09AM

pinkybaby aka missyhunny  

i called this girl just now which is missyhunny as so many people claim that this 2 accounts are ...


17/04 10:34PM

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