Juan Marchetto will go after 1-2 for the VRS Ford Team.
A huge challenge to honour Jorge Recalde’s memory
16/12/2011 |
The Argentinean Rally Championship will contest the final round of the 2011 season this weekend, the Rally Grand Prix of Mina Clavero.

The final showdown of the year will take place in the amazing Traslasierra Valley, a classic scenario which usually hosts a complete day of action every time the World Rally Championship visits the province of Córdoba.

The event will once again pay tribute to Jorge Raúl Recalde, Argentinean's Rally ambassador who was born in Mina Clavero and suddenly died ten years ago while competing in a rally close to his home town. And to honour his name and the sportiness he built during his world-renowned career, this rally will be really demanding for both the drivers and the machines.

The Rally Gran Prix will feature 212 kilometres of speed tests divided in just nine special stages which will represent a real huge challenge each. And as soon as the drivers hit the road on Saturday morning they will be tackling an endless 38.99-kilometre stage (Mussi-La Posta) which it has never been used in the past, neither in the Argentinean series nor in the WRC round.

The route also comprises a classic like Giulio Cesare stage (21,95km) which will be run downhill to Mina Clavero, as well as other famous sectors like San Lorenzo-El Mirador (21,25km), Mussi-Ambul (25,88km) and Cienaga de Allende-Mina Clavero (9,05km).

This final event will give a half more of the usual points every round gives, although it won't be enough to depose Federico Villagra, who secured his tenth title on board the Ford Fiesta Maxi Rally in the last round.

Nevertheless, it will be a tight battle for the runner-up position in the overall standings with four drivers who will go after Nº2 for 2012: Juan Marchetto (Ford), Juan Gil De Marchi (Chevrolet), Gabriel Pozzo (Fiat) and Miguel Baldoni (VW).

There are 40 drivers who will enter the event with Brazilian Alexander Figueiredo (VW) approaching the series on board the first Maxi Rally of the neighbouring country. Chilean Emilio Roselott will make his third appearance in the series with a Mitsubishi, whereas Claudio López, former forward of the National Football Team, will take part in a nationwide round for the first time.

The Rally Gran Prix kicks off this Friday night with the ceremonial start which will take place in Mina Clavero's downtown.