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Having a website of your own is an important first step in ensuring your business gets noticed. But getting your site listed high enough in search engine rankings for customers to take note is not that easy. And who wants to be on the last page of 130 000, or worse, a few million results?

We work with start-up and small businesses who either need a website or want their existing website improved. We design, build and optimize websites that achieve business goals as well as look fantastic - especially if that goal is to get your website to the top of Google!

A 2010 survey showed that 40 percent of small businesses aren't online in any form or fashion. If that's you, then you've got to change that right now!

A powerful brand is invaluable when it comes to the constant battle of gaining and keeping clients. It is therefore highly beneficial to spend time and energy on creating brand awareness through a professionally designed website.

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Why do you need a great website?

Your website is the central hub of your company, and it's a pivotal part of your marketing and branding. If your business is not able to be found online you are simply missing out! True SEO Web Design isn't magic or hocus pocus, its an art that requires following a fairly defined path of website development including valuable reader content, properly design pages, prominently placed key search terms, search term refinement and page comparison.

The internet has successfully united millions of people on one single platform. Today most people look for a company website when they want to buy something. Let your company's website be the one that is hit on simply because it provides complete and relevant information about your products or services, which meets your current and potential customers' needs. Unfortunately, having relevant information isn't enough.

There are over 500 million documented searches done every day online. The online audience is vast, diverse, willing to spend money and searching every day for every type of product and service. Let us create a new website for your business and we'll make your clients come to you!

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Allow BlueLight to help you create a website out of cyberspace!


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