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Gotan ProjectLast Tango In Paris Loved track Yesterday 4:08am
Daniel MelingoNoche Trasfigurada Yesterday 4:02am
Club des BelugasLou two Yesterday 3:56am
TanghettoTangocrisis Yesterday 3:52am
Federico AubeleAnte Tus Ojos Loved track Yesterday 3:47am
CampoEn Mi / Soledad Yesterday 3:42am
Pink MartiniHang on Little Tomato Yesterday 3:39am
Gotan ProjectCriminal Yesterday 3:35am
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  • cardroia

    ...in heaven, on earth and underwater :)

    23 May 7:27pm Reply
  • cardroia

    Awwwww to cute! :) Sometimes we need to smile big of a grey-ish day...but mmmm thunder sounds nice for a firedragon!!! I Love this cat tango picture entitled "Dancing With My Girl" ;))

    23 May 6:41pm Reply
  • cardroia

    Cold rainy day here, perfect for some hot tea with honey! ;P

    22 May 7:24pm Reply
  • cardroia

    Hello :)

    19 May 10:52pm Reply
  • cardroia

    Mmmm I love it when we're cruisin' together... :)

    5 May 11:08pm Reply
  • cardroia

    Mmm just fell asleep while ......I caught a long wind, a long life wind, like a swallow, a night owl, a little chickadee, sad sparrow, good morning bird, good nightingale, I took a deep breath, and....mmmmmzzzZZzz :P

    5 May 2:43am Reply
  • cardroia

    You're taking me higher, high as I could be ... *mmmm*

    4 May 3:37am Reply
  • cardroia

    barrog :)

    4 May 1:34am Reply
  • cardroia

    Mmmmmmm :) What about "Waking Ned Devine" this time? ;) or "The Time Traveler's Wife" I really enjoyed the book by Audrey Niffenegger. Hmm maybe i'll give the movie a try someday too... Anyway ENJOY!

    27 Apr 11:03pm Reply
  • cardroia

    *Itadakimasu* :P

    21 Apr 9:49pm Reply
  • cardroia

    Pourvu qu'elles soient douces... ;P

    21 Apr 12:51am Reply
  • cardroia

    Hm...i wonder, i wonder...is that a compliment or a spanking?

    21 Apr 12:17am Reply
  • cardroia

    Vous êtes cordialement invités à hanky spanky :P

    7 Apr 9:48pm Reply
  • cardroia

    "....till the end of time." Enjoy each bit of the night and of course of the pastrami sandwiches. ;) Good night dear friend and Bon Appetit!

    7 Apr 12:48am Reply
  • cardroia

    ...with the stars in the sky...enjoy the lovely night! *póg*

    3 Apr 10:55pm Reply
  • cardroia

    Are you wearing blue jeans today? ;)

    3 Apr 7:42pm Reply
  • cardroia

    OUI Monsieur!!! Bonne nuit et fais des beaux rêves

    30 Mar 5:17am Reply
  • cardroia

    ...going for a picnic to see the MOONRISE ;)

    27 Mar 1:18am Reply
  • cardroia

    Throw your green shirt on Chef Mellie is serving up some delicious Guinness stew all day/ night! Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig ort! :)

    17 Mar 8:18pm Reply
  • tin_jones

    ...And yes - Alvin Lee is great. He really changed the world

    17 Mar 7:37am Reply
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