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Baba Amte Biography:

"He came to be known as Baba not because he is a saint or any such thing, but because his parents addressed him by that name,"
- Sadhanatai Amte (Baba's wife)
Baba Amte standing by a pillar

Baba Biography Contents:

1. The Young Muralidhar
2. Baba Meets Indu
3. The Turning Point
4. The Forest of Joy
5. Baba's Physical Agony
6. Vision of a New India
7. Hemalkasa
8. Narmada Bachao!
9. Baba's Advice to Youth
10. Reaction to Baba's Politics
11. Life at Kasravad
12. The Legacy of Baba Amte
13. Awards and Accolades
14. Baba Amte's Words of Wisdom
15. The End and Sources

Start Biography: The Young Muralidhar

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