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open refrigerator Is it Cool Enough? (Dec 19, 2012; 2:39) | Script
Is a cool 68° F a safe temperature to chill food? Listen to know the answer.
egg yolk Egg Products and Food Safety (Dec 12, 2012; 4:29) | Script
Egg products are used in many types of food that you buy from the grocery store. Learn more.
Separate cutting boards for raw meat, vegetables Mother Knows Best? (Nov 30, 2012; 2:07) | Script
Test your knowledge in food safety. Can you use the same cutting board for both raw meat and uncooked vegetables? Find out!
egg yolk Smoking a Turkey Safely (Nov 19, 2012; 4:36) | Script
How to safely smoke a Turkey and other poultry.
preschool child Babies and Food Safety (Nov 1, 20121; 6:05) | Script
"Be Food Safe!" for that precious little one.
people looking at cooking instructions Microwaving Convenience Foods Safely (Oct 1, 2012; 3:00) | Script
Make sure food cooked in a microwave oven is safe before eating. Find out more.
microwave oven Wattage Important to Safe Cooking (Oct 1, 2012; 3:02) | Script
The speed of your microwave depends on the wattage. Find out more.
rain storm Food Safety after Flooding (Aug 29, 2012; 4:00) | Script
Learn how to determine which foods are safe to keep and which should be thrown away after a flood.
ask karen mobile Take Food Safety on the Road with Mobile Ask Karen (Jul 18, 2012; 3:13) | Script
A food safety app is available to consumers around the clock on their mobile devices. Mobile ask Karen can help answer questions about properly handling, storing and preparing food to prevent foodborne illness while camping, hiking, or boating.
check your steps Food Safe Families (Jun 28, 2012; 5:06) | Script
The Food Safe Families campaign reminds consumers of the 4 steps to prevent food poisoning. Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill.
tornado damage Safety During Severe Storms and Hurricanes (Jun 27, 2012; 3:44) | Script
Join a father and daughter after a summer storm has knocked out their power. Is their food safe?
Firefighters Food Safety After a Fire (May 30, 2012; 3:20) | Script
It's never a good idea to save food that's been in a fire. Learn more.


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Last Modified: December 21, 2012



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