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Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) text to be released to the 1% at 16th Round of Negotiations in Singapore

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations have always been conducted with an unprecedented level of transparency – namely, we have posted press releases on this website every few months – but in response to calls for further openness, the negotiators are pleased to announce that a further step is being taken for the Singapore round. We will be releasing the full negotiating text, but only for the 1%.

USTR's Barbara Weisel speaks with a stakeholder in San Diego, California
Chief U.S. Negotiator Barbara Weisel scrutinizes the bank records of a stakeholder hoping for access to the negotiating text.

The reason for limiting access to the text to the richest 1% of the population is that these are the stakeholders for whom the TPP Agreement is being negotiated, and therefore it only makes sense that access to the text should be limited to them. Until now, 600 cleared corporate advisors have had access to the text, but we recognise that there are many other rich people who would also be interested to see how the TPP will benefit them.

Whilst it has been suggested by some that poor people should also have access to the text, we have concluded that this would not be in their best interests. Poor people have wise rulers to make decisions on their behalf, as well as corporations who benefit them through the magic of the free market. Poor people probably wouldn't understand the text anyway, because it contains a lot of difficult words.

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