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Grand challenge: understanding survival paradoxes in epidemiology

Survival paradoxes are commonly observed in the literature. This phenomenon describes the association of certain risk factors with negative outcomes in the general population and the opposite effect...


Addiction and choice: theory and new data

Addiction’s biological basis has been the focus of much research. The findings have persuaded experts and the public that drug use in addicts is compulsive. But the word “compulsive” identifies patterns of behavior, and all behavior has a biological...


Differential roles of orexin receptors in the regulation of sleep/wakefulness

Orexin A and orexin B are hypothalamic neuropeptides that play critical roles in the regulation of sleep/wakefulness, as well as in a variety of physiological functions such as emotion...


Epidemiology of criniviruses: an emerging problem in world agriculture

The genus Crinivirus includes the whitefly-transmitted members of the family Closteroviridae. Whitefly-transmitted viruses have emerged as a major problem for world agriculture and are responsible for diseases...


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