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Forum guidelines

Learn how to use our forum properly. Recommended for every new user.


Learn how to use our forum properly. Recommended for every new user.

1. It's always nice to be nice to each other

Be nice to each other and polite, and please have some patience for new members getting used to the site. Compliments can be sent in personal messages. Accusations and insults of any kind will not be tolerated. For any problems/issues with a transaction please use the evaluation function and not the forum.It's most likely a misunderstanding.


2. Always choose the correct subforum 

For clarity, we have divided it into sub-forums and categories.Please select an appropriate category for your topic.So then it's much faster for someone to see your question, and someone can then help you.


3. Do select the correct Topic Title 

If the title describes the topic well it will make a quick answer much more likely.In addition, members can later find the same problem more quickly by the topic title.Please pay particular attention to the character use.Multiple letters and special characters,with uppercase text can disrupt the clarity! (For example: *** HHilFFeEeeeeee !!!***).


4. Do not post the same topic twice

Please never send the same subject post twice, not in different sub-forums, and not every few days.Even if a subject is not discussed, give yourself a few days for an answer otherwise -> This causes the issue again at the top! Please don't overdo it with the "push".Once a day is sufficient.


5. Strictly prohibited prohibits violent, discriminating, pornographic, illegal, or otherwise inhuman criminal acts or call for illegal acts. We also prohibit links to pages with this type of content. In addition, we will not tolerate links and posts without reference to the topic (spam) or commercial purpose (advertising). For your own protection publication of private email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, bank details and other private contact information is not allowed.


6. No offers for clothing, accessories, beauty products in the News Forum

The purpose of the forum is to discuss about topics of interest. So please do not directly attempt to sell, swap, and giveaway your clothing, accessories and cosmetics. You may share it in the Classifieds: Advertising Space or Seeking Item section of the forum, which will be displayed at the lower right side of the page.

We will therefore remove all the external services for clothing, accessories and cosmetics, and generally all eBay listings and links to other sites, if it is advertising for private or commercial offers of any kind, which have nothing to do with administrators reserves the right to change entries if necessary, or delete in whole or in part.
Please read our "Disclaimer" and our "privacy policy". and

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