Moving to London for employment can’t happen if expatriates don’t have UK visas and work permits in the first place.

The Non-Negotiable Challenge of Moving to London

UK immigration is a constantly evolving issue that has most recently—and drastically—changed with respect to:

  • Elimination of the Tier 1 visa for highly skilled migrants
  • Increased demands on corporations to justify employment sponsorship

We often receive enquiries from individuals of different nations already interested in moving into LND apartments without realizing they first need to apply for a visa to reside in the UK.

Common Concerns About Moving to London Legally

It wasn’t long ago that anyone considering a UK relocation could make it happen on their own steam if qualified enough (and willing to pay for) the Tier 1 visa. One didn’t even need a job in the UK to obtain it, though ultimately did to renew it. This places more pressure now on professionals to qualify for Tier 2 visas under corporate sponsorship. Fortunately:

  • There’s no limit on the number of employments that can transfer through existing work
  • The number of Tier 2 visas issued to new employees has increased

What’s the Impact on Corporate Relocation?

In view of recent visa changes, the UK government has no doubt tightened its regulations on who can cross its borders and contribute to its economy and culture as a resident. A big hurdle for professionals moving to London for a new job is that corporations must apply to be sponsors. They’re harder pressed to explain to the UK government why someone outside of the UK or EU is more qualified than local talent, all applicants—local and foreign—considered. To sift through the complexities, your company needs someone on its side to:

  • Prepare and review all necessary paperwork
  • Cross-check with local immigration experts to ensure all is accurate and complete
  • Regularly report to you with updates in status

We’ll Be Your Border Control

Immigration varies nation to nation, but as specialists in moving to London, we’re your single point of contact for sorting out UK visas and work permits on your behalf. We assist with all of the above and:

  • Corporate sponsor licenses
  • UK visa applications
  • UK work permits
  • Spousal/dependent visas
  • National Insurance cards
  • Registration with local authorities

Doing the research for you, we make sure your employees understand which type of UK visa applies to them, the parameters for utilizing, maintaining, and renewing it (or applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain if moving to London to stay awhile), and what further services their country’s local embassy can provide. Once the process is underway, we can then time our search for LND apartments for rent to coincide with when the documentation should clear and your employees are ready to move over and work.

We’re Your Gateway to the UK

None of us can fault the UK government for protecting its borders and ensuring that those moving to London intend to help maintain it as the thriving, world-class city it is. London Relocation can, however, simplify the immigration process for your company as part of our total solution to your corporate relocation. We’ve personally jumped through the visa hoops to earn our own rights to live and work here, so we’re well-versed on the system and will see that your employees moving to London make it safely to our shores and immediately into the comfort of their LND flats.