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Collections Management FAQ

Q: What collections were impacted by the fiscal 2009-2010 budget cuts?

A: As a result of budget cuts this fiscal year, subscriptions to the 1,169 journals from the Taylor & Francis collection were not renewed. The cost per use of Taylor and Francis journals was $13.28 compared to an average cost per use of $1.70 for all electronic journals. A PDF list of discontinued titles is available on the Library website. We will continue to provide access to needed articles through Interlibrary Loan.

Q: How can I get the journal I need for my research, and/or teaching?

A: The University of Virginia Library is committed to providing access to the materials you need for research and teaching. We are part of a national system of libraries with which we loan and borrow materials, and we will find what you need and request it from another library. In many cases, we can find the article you’re looking for and have it sent to you via Interlibrary Loan in 24-48 hours

Q:What is journal bundling and how does it affect this decision process?

A: The research journal market is increasingly dominated by the “Big Deal”, where publishers offer journal “bundles” or packages that provide access both to journals we have subscribed to in the past and to many others. Such bundles typically also offer lower price increases and overall cost. In return for these benefits, the Library may not have the ability to cancel individual journals in the bundle. As a result, when we decide that we must cancel journals, it is now more likely to be on a publisher-by-publisher basis, rather than title-by-title

Q: Why are the libraries reducing book purchases and cancelling journal subscriptions

A:With the continued need for reductions to the overall Library budget, the University Library is doing its best to protect student jobs, hours of access, and services for faculty and students. Unfortunately, we must turn to reductions in book purchases and journal subscriptions to insure a balanced budget. With ongoing input from faculty and students, however, we will preserve access to highly used unique resources and minimize the impact on research and teaching.

Q:  What are the cost-cutting strategies being implemented in regard to book and journal collections?

 A The University Library is minimizing duplication across formats, preserving access to high-use high-impact materials, collaborating and cost-sharing with library partners and consortia, maximizing use of interlibrary loan, and increasing the efficiencies in the journal and book purchase process.


Q:  Are we also including indexes and databases in these cost cutting strategies?

 A: As part of our effort to reduce expenditures, the University Library has been reviewing all of our subscriptions to electronic indexes and databases as they come up for renewal.  Each is considered on a variety of factors, including cost, use and duplication of content.  


Q:  How do the research overhead funds designated to the Library support collections?

A: The University of Virginia’s current negotiated F&A rate (overhead) for federal grants is 54%.  This fiscal year the University Library received $590,000 in overhead funds; this is about 2% of the total library budget. This money was spent in a variety of ways that support research and faculty needs: interlibrary loan and LEO deliveries, membership in the Center for Research Libraries, cataloging (metadata) services.

The overhead money is certainly helpful for the Library but it is not large enough to pay for the major research collections.  For example, in Fiscal Year 2009 the University Libraries (including Law and Health Sciences) paid over $1,500,000 for Elsevier journals, over $600,000 for Wiley InterScience journals, over $300,000 for Springer journals, almost $300,000 for Taylor and Francis journals, over $130,000 for ISI Web of Science, and $100,000 for SciFinder Scholar. 

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