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Making a doorway(kind of) using Hammer

Notice This small tutorial take into account that you can make an Interior and export it without any problem.


First method

  1. Make a box (one of the 2 red sqare)
  2. Then scale it to the size you want
  3. HOLD shift while you move it to duplicate it. Its handy because it will create the object at the same coordonate as the other 2 view. When you copy and paste, the object will apear somewhere centered in all your view. Basically all it does, its to improve your workflow.
Duplicate again and use vertex tool to make a wedge. tut1db.jpg
Duplicate again(while rotation hold shift to rotate at 15deg angles) tut25se.jpg
Vertex manipulation again tut34pg.jpg
Then you smile and relax! 8-) tut41ei.jpg

Other techniques, same result

Same doorway done differently. I dont think it will change anything in the final interior however it can help your workflow.


An other entrace. To minimize the number of solid I use I like to use the Clipping tool. In fact I could have used this for the first one too. I don't know if in the end it make your diff to be smaller *shrugs* but I think so. I like to keep my models as clean as possible.

By clicking a few times on the Icons of vertex tools and Clipping tools you can have options. Quite handy sometimes.clipping8vy.jpg
Final resultdoorway.jpg

What not to do

Do Keep everything snapped to the grid! Very important. When you scale group of solid you might end up with a few un-snapped objects. While you rotate, hold shift and after any manipulation make sure all your solid are snapped. Also hit Alt-P(check for problems)to make sure you dont have any concave face.wrong4dd.jpg
Concave solids are not supported! This means shapes with dents. You need to use multiple shapes to make tubes, arches etc. nottodo.jpg
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