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Making War Missions

Check out the existing war missions first. They have switch “links” at the bottom of the file. These need to be manually added.

War missions don't work well by being made in the editor, final clean up must be done by hand.

“Links” a SimGroup with “ObjectiveLink” objects that have a pair (only!) of “nodes”, they connect two switches together. Use the Command Map to see the links visually. Plan it first and then write the code by hand. See below.


  • The Switches need to come FIRST in their simGroup, otherwise the team is not assigned correctly to objects in the simGroup
  • ObjectiveLink() links between switches need to be defined as pairs of nodes, not more than 2 per set. node1 and node2 ony.

Capturable Turret

Here is an example of a capturable turret from ”Rolling Battle” in the War Missions test. All you need to do is put the turret, invo station, generator, sensor etc in the same SimGroup as the switch. The objects in the same SimGroup will ALL change team when the Switch is captured. You can probably put sub-groups in as well with sub-switches, but it might be hard to understand what is going on in the game!

The SimGroup for the “Links” is included to make it clearer.

   new SimGroup(Neutral1) {
      new ScopeAlwaysShape(SwitchTeam1) { // switch name is SwitchTeam1
          position = "98.9762 -390.25 137.38";
          rotation = "1 0 0 0";
          scale = "1 1 1";
          dataBlock = "Switch";
          selfPowered = true; // wont need a generator
          receiveSunLight = true;
          switchName = $pref::Server::TeamName1 SPC "Turret"; // dynamic team names, don't hard code team names in missions
          new Turret() {
             position = "0.323203 -243.832 136.857";
             rotation = "1 0 0 0";
             scale = "1 1 1";
             dataBlock = "PlasmaTurret";
             selfPowered = true;
             receiveSunLight = true;
new SimGroup(links) {
 //two home switches
 new ObjectiveLink() {
    node1 = "SwitchTeam1"; // our switch that controls the turret
    node2 = "SwitchTeam1Base";
 new ObjectiveLink() {
    node1 = "SwitchTeam2";
    node2 = "SwitchTeam1"; // our switch that controls the turret
 new ObjectiveLink() {
    node1 = "SwitchTeam2Base";
    node2 = "SwitchTeam2";
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