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Top-level namespace for the texture creation part of the tutorial. Edit accordingly.


How NOT to make a tiled texture

Keep them as small as possible. If you copy-paste in photoshop you are doing the wrong thing. See picture below.

As you can see the tiny graphic is twleve thousand two hundred and eighty eight times more efficient - such a massive number I had to write it in words and make it bold just to be dramatic. Of course if you end up with a texture this small it is probably just a crap texture.

__Repeating textures should be taken to the smallest possible square.__  

If you use those sorts of “bigger than they need to be” textures which could have looked exactly the same at a smaller resolution, it doesn't matter how cool your interior looks - you won't be respected.

Can you help?

We would really love to “FIX” all the inefficient Interior textures in Legends ( /Legends/legends/data/interiors/ ) which are there now, eg. tfloor2.png, tfloor2b.png,tfloorhexbig.png etc. There are a LOT which are not optimized. But we do not have the time and patience to list them all and check if they are used, list all the .dif shapes using each one - and we can't FIX them even if we had a list (no source files for most old bad .dif shapes), we could only replace the models by slowly remaking them from scratch and then the community made map packs might be broken.

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