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Querying The New Master Server

Open your prefs.cs

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Legends\legends\prefs\prefs.cs
  • Linux: ~/.legends/legends/prefs/prefs.cs

Look for the line:

$pref::Master0 = "2:";

That is the Garage Games master server. Change it to be your 3rd master server and add the new master servers as your first and second master servers, like so

$pref::Master0 = "";
$pref::Master1 = "";
$pref::Master2 = "2:";

Legends Server List

This is a list of server IPs for when the master server is down. If the master server is down you will not be able to query servers that aren't in your favourites list. You can, however, still use the Join IP button and enter one of the IPs listed below.

Server Name IP Address
Hellzone Beta Mod!!!
Deep Black
BearTown CTF/T1-CandH-DM
lnxbox @
DEV CA & Map pack

Master Servers → (legendsthegame) → (supernova)


If you get

Bad master server address:

It may mean your server can not resolve domain names and you will need to edit your prefs to use the IPs only. You will need this in your /legends/legends/prefs.cs instead

$pref::Master0 = "2:";
$pref::Master1 = "2:";
$pref::Master2 = "";
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