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ok heres a basic list of currently available sky textures

to change these, theres 2 ways, open the editor, hit F3 and pull down the mission group tab and select sky/media then change the target ~ or ~ open the missions .MIS file and change the line; materialList = ”~/data/textures/skies/terragen_skies/bigone.dml”;

it is in the “new Sky(Sky) { ” area without ”” usually near the top of the file

ok to change it, you for example change bigone.dml yo whatever sky ya want, for these here it would look like the following, top for in game, bottom, in the .MIS file ”/legends/data/textures/skies/whatever.dml” materialList = ”~/data/textures/skies/whatever.dml”; whatever.dml bieng whatever .DML file ya want, other skies require a little different code

add /bryce_skies/ then the texture name

add /terragen_skies/ then the texture name afterwards

if you have any questions about changing the sky texture drop a line and someone will help ya out


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