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Getting started with Hammer / Worldcraft

OK, this assumes you followed the guide on setting up Worldcraft, the guide is here; scroll down to question 4 make sure you have it setup right, and that you have the MAP2DIF.GUI and the .WAD file for Legends (these are in the downloads section on the legends homepage i believe)

if you want to add custom textures or fiddle with the .WAD file Wally this is a great editor for game textures and the only program i know of to create/edit .WAD files

first save often!

ok lets start simple

Select the “block tool” (the icon with the white box 5th form the top) create a simple square like this


ok right click on it and hit “create object” ok now we have a box, lets take it up a notch form this noob box stuff go over to the other side of the screen, there is a pull down menu that says PRIMITIVES right below it is a pull down menu set to BLOCK change it to spike and set the number of faces to 4


ok create object and you should get a 4 sided spike, whoops it isnt facing the right way

to highlight an object just click it (it should turn red to tell you it is the highlighted one) you can move objects where you want to and stretch sides of them or texture entire objects, if you hold shift you can highlight multiple objects

to rotate an object, click on it until on all four corners of the highlighted object are filled circles, grab one of these and rotate until all 4 points of the spike are lined up with the 4 corners of the cube. by default it should rotate to 15 degrees at a time if not make very sure it lines up perfectly onto the cube, if you grab the wrong side and rotate it the wrong way just hit CTRL Z or undo it to return it to where it was

ok now move your spike is on top of the cube we made earlier you may notice the corners of the spike dont line up to the corners of the cube, to fix this requires vertex manipulation this following step is both your best friend and worst enemy

ok hit the vertex tool (2nd icon up form the bottom) and the highlighted object (the spike) points change. from the TOP view grab one of the points on the edges of the spike and move it over to line it up with a corner of the cube like this;


alright we have a nifty looking object, lets texture it

click on the view with the camera, go up to view/3d textured polygons go over to your camera view and hit the full screen button in the top corner. use the Z button to activate the camera, and use the arrow keys and WASD keys to move and pan around your object. spend a few minutes figuring out the controls and observing your prefab for any problems (and checking out how cool it looks)

ok textures, use Z to toggle the camera on and line the cube up in the cross hairs, highlight it (so it turns red) then hit Z again, and go over to the textures area in the right hand side, find a texture that suits your fancy. i chose CEMDRKTILE1 go over to the icon “apply current texture” (brown box) 5th from the bottom, and hit it to apply the texture to the object

ok that looks dandy... by the way have you been saving frequently?

ok now for the spike, hit Z and highlight it, we are going to have some fun with it ok once highlighted, hit the icon right above apply texture and below the block tool, and it will bring up a little window, this is the advanced texture editor, click on one of the faces of your spike, screenie05.jpg

ok in the current texture pull down, change the current texture to BASICTRIM2R and hit apply. ok now select the side next to it and change the texture to BASICTRIM2B nifty huh? now go to the other side and repeat, you should end up with each of the 4 sides alternating red and blue i am not going into detail on the advanced texture editor, but basically with it you can stretch and manipulate textures and move them exactly where you want them and line them up and even rotate them, this is a key tool sicne it lets you fine tune textures to your interiors

ok now lets add a light or two exit out of the advanced texture editor widnow, and switch the view back to the 4 windows, now go to the entity tool 4th form the top over the block tool


line it up like in the screenshot and hit enter, NOTE dont let this touch anything, your light emitter point cant touch the object ok once it is placed you should see a pink dot, use the selection tool (the red arrow icon) right click it and hit properties, set class to “light omni” and change the RGB value to whatever you want, hit pick color to get a color. since my light point is on a blue side of the spike, i decided to make the color very red 0 0 255

copy that one and paste it (ctrl C to copy Ctrl V to paste in case you live under a rock) and place them in the same positions as the first and change the RGB values as you like (for example, the 2 light points over red textures i set to blue and visa versa) more tips on lighting and advanced lighting here;


ok now you have a basic object with lighting, there is a tutorial here on how to compile it and get it into the game

save it as a .MAP file! then head over

Questions about making interiors or working with worldcraft drop us a line in the mapping section and someone will give ya a hand


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