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Linux Distro Status

This page lists the status of Legends on the different Linux distributions. If your distribution is not listed, please add it. If your distribution is listed and its status is Unknown, please submit a request with your distribution for a Legends package and update the table.

Status is one of:

  • Official - Legends is officially supported and is in the package management system of this distribution.
  • Unofficial - Legends is not officially supported, but packages exist for this distribution (please link to them).
  • Requested - A request has been lodged for Legends to be officially supported by this distro.
  • Rejected - A request was lodged but was rejected by this distribution.
  • Unknown - No request has been lodged and it is unknown if it could be supported.
Package Status Comments
Ubuntu .deb Unknown Same as Debian. note: 8.10 is not compatible with Geforce3 or less legacy nvidia drivers due to X server 1.5 and Nvidia being slow to fix 71.xx, use 8.04 with old cards
SUSE .rpm Unknown Installer works on OpenSuSE 10.3
Fedora .rpm Unknown
Mepis .deb Unknown
Mandriva .rpm Unknown
Debian .deb Rejected 'non-free' section, needs much work, license is fixed now, they are happy with our Loki installer
Damn Small .deb Unknown Not likely given the goals of this distro, but if it's supported by Debian then problem solved
PCLinuxOS .rpm Official 42 in RPMS.Extra as 3 packages via synaptic, Legends Legends-data Legends-server - 3 pacakges seems bad, do NOT follow this as a guide, we want a single RPM to become the standard!
Knoppix .deb Unknown Would be nice to have a bootable Legends CD
Gentoo .ebuild Official 43 Only known distro to have Legends as an official package Gentoo Package
Slackware .tgz Unknown Also try, which distributes unofficial Slackware packages
Linspire ? Official 41? uses Click-N-Run, requested update from .41
FreeBSD .tbz Unknown
CentOS .rpm Unknown
Vector .tgz Unknown
SLAX .tgz Unknown Live CD based on Slackware
Puppy .tar.gz Unknown Live CD or USB key distro
KANOTIX .deb Unknown Same as Debian
Xandros .deb Unknown
Arch .tar.gz Unofficial 43 Available via the Archlinux User Repository (If you vote for it, It will be added to official)
SuperGamer .rpm Official 41? PCLinuxOS variant live DVD Includes Legends and other games (Sorry, Nothing to really link to).
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