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This is your canvas… I will be molding this into a island/tropical CTF type map, but don’t think you are limited to just this. We will change the sky/fog and other things later, for now we will leave as-is, lets get started, press Alt-E to open the editor, up top is a set of buttons

Select terrain terraform editor ( or press F7 for those who like hot-keys)

In the following menu I selected operations/canyon dont feel limited to just this try others and see what they do (if you mess anythign up you can wipe the terrain flat with the terrain editor more on that later) in the settings screen of it, I didn’t change any variables, changing variables can be helpful, or your worst nightmare, if you decide to change anything on this be forewarned you will have to start from scratch again if you mess up. Hit apply, and your terrain will take a bit of shape.

I then next selected operations/Blend to smooth everything out Hit ok, in the screenie below notice, I set the slider all the way up,

this is very random, so your terrain more then likely wont be near identical to mine, but that’s ok, now it looks very hilly and there’s most likely not much room to place a base. Also it doesn’t have terrain features I would like to incorporate and isn’t very islandish, now to get our hands dirty sculpting the terrain into something useable hit F6 or go to terrain editor (there is no bar on the right side) for this map I will be smoothing the terrain down making it less jagged, lowering the perimeter terrain down quite a ways to make the island more islandy, and adding a river to separate the island into two halves, and making space for the base, yea that’s a lot, lets get started, go to terrain terraformer (or F6 ) then go up to the top and hit action there is where the list of activities you can do by hand with the terrain editor are

sicne im missing some screenshots of what i did i will leave it up to you to play around with soem of the functions of the terrain editor have fun! (will add more here exlpaining what each tool does)

well after finishing the terrain I am looking over and trying to come up with capping routes that are challenging and will make it easier for defense to catch flag cappers not a nessicary step, but one that makes a map, especially a fast paced CTF map, a good one

well now we have an awesome terrain, cool yes, spiffy yes, done no, lets texture it

go up to the window button and select terrain texture editor [F8], for this map I didn’t want something cold, a tropical map will be nice, so I will choose textures that go along well with that for the tutorial.

Because I want my map to look cool I will place these by hand, now don’t get all jumpy thinking this is difficult, because it isn’t and if I only showed ya how to do it via the engine then you wouldn’t know how, setting textures via the engine someone else will have to edit that in since I don’t use that often and can only tell ya about how to get UE’s with that.

you'll want to select F9 or terrain texture painter from the window list, a window should come up with 6 spaces, filled with the textures your already using, hit the add button to add textures to each palette area or replace textures already bieng used, anywhere that texture is bieng used will be replaced by the new texture, this is nice when you want to try different colors or textures for a certain area

go to brush settings and choose texture painter (very bottom) now select the texture you want from the palette and begin painting I will color my riverbed and perimeters of the island with a sand color, paint low land terrain levels with a grass texture, and paint the tops of hills with a rockier texture, and will spread a random grass texture all over the rocky and grass areas

I would say “damn that looks good”, but it has no bases or anything aesthetic yet, more on that later


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