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*MrSniper's Sky making guide:
Amendments by ilys;

Basic breakdown to for making sky textures (thanks to Chem for help with

1. Textures must be exactly 512×512. You will need at least 6 such textures,
but can use an extra 4 for the environment map and sky clouds.

2. Textures work like this: texture1 - texture4 are applied to the N E S W
sides of the skybox, texture5 is applied to the roof of the skybox,
texture6 is applied to the bottom of the skybox, texture7 is used for
environment map and texture8 - texture 10 are used for clouds for each
cloud height.

3. Every sky set is control by a .dml file. Organize the .dml just like any
of the others (you can edit them in notepad or TribalIDE) with textures 1-7
each on their own line in decending order, with the environment map being last.
Texture8 - texture10, which are used for the clouds, are also in decending order.

4. To get your skybox sides to mesh correctly and create the illusion of a
flat sky take the four N E S W images at 112.5 FOV, each image at a 90
degree rotation from the last image. I am assuming your using Bryce, Terragen, or some
other 3d program to make your skies at this point.

5. place your 10 images and your dml in a folder under the /textures/skies/
folder or right in that root folder and then go into your map editor.

6. edit the Media section of the Sky - Sky element in your map editor and
change the filename and path accordingly to reach your new sky.

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