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editing the MIS

ok here is where things get a bit boring and very important, editing your .MIS file is crucial for setting the maps name, gametype and all that stuff

first close legends (after saving your map of course) then open your /legends/data/missions folder and find the MIS file for whatever you have been saving your map as (I named mine LMTmap thus LMT.MIS is what I want) open it up and find this

new ScriptObject(MissionInfo) {
         loadimage = "loadscreens/dd_load.png";
         missionGravity = "-45";
         numTeams = "2";
         missType = "CTF";
         name = "LMTmap";

it should be the first bit of code, this specifies the maps display name and what the loadscreen looks like (tutorial on making a loadscreen later) but if you have a different one you want just change the filename to the one you want changing mission gravity or the amount of teams isn’t really advisable, for CTF, although legends has room for up to 10 teams, not sure if theres any gametypes that support it… as you can see I changed the name of my map to LMTmap

you can also change settings with the sun, sky, and terrain however the sun and sky can be edited within the editor safely (unlike Tribes2 where the editor would crash when you manipulate the sun at all) it is useful to edit these if you have made changes to the sun or sky that cause a game crash you can fix them from the .MIS simply by copying over a sun/sky setting from anotuher MIS then changing it to what you want

you can also edit your terrain from here, if you want, you can edit where the terrain comes from

new TerrainBlock(Terrain) {
      rotation = "1 0 0 0";
      scale = "1 1 1";
      detailTexture = "~/data/terrains/details/detail_grass";
      terrainFile = "./Gloom.ter";
      bumpTexture = "~/data/terrains/details/detail_bump";
      squareSize = "8";
      bumpScale = "4";
      bumpOffset = "0.014";
      zeroBumpScale = "7";

for example if for some reason you want to make a map using a terrain that is used in anouther map you can change ” terrainFile = ”./Gloom.ter”; ” to ” terrainFile = ”./myterrain.ter”; ” or whatever terrian you want, you should do this before you actually place anything on the map

other things can be done from inside the .MIS file you can edit/delete objects and edit/delete simgroups as well, the MIS file is the place to look if your map crashes etc you can come here to learn what is wrong and can fix it here particularly if your map fails to load

some say you can amke an entire map just from the .MIS...


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