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Common Problems

Known Issues

Please check the Wiki and Bug Tracker before posting to see if your question is already answered. Some common problems are:

No Solution?

If your problem is not answered in this wiki, ask in the forum Here or post a bug report on the Bug Tracker (No duplicates please). If your problem involves a crash, include your console.log file with 'trace' and 'echoload'. Make sure you post your system specs including:

  • Operating System and version (Linux or Windows), windows use 'Windows Key + Pause' to get version.
  • If Linux, what distribution (Debian, Gentoo, etc)
  • Basic Hardware (CPU, RAM)
  • Video Card and drivers (Many problems relate to not having a video card or not having the drivers correctly installed - link to wiki page on video cards)

Legends Command Line switches

The following are most of the Command Line options available in Legends. They are to be added after the Legends.exe command on Windows shortcuts (inside the Double Quotes) or after ”./lindedicated” command on Linux and need a space before them (no need for “Quote characters”) e.g.

C:\Games\Legends\Legends.exe -connect
Legends commands in Windows Legends commands in Linux

note: you can bypass the Windows updater by making your shortcut to Win32Binary.exe, Legends.exe checks for a latest version and sends the command line options to Win32Binary.exe - don't forget to check for updates if you decide to bypass Legends.exe as you might end up with autodownloaded files that you need to clean out when an Update is available.

The Commands


A console window is opened while running in non-dedicated mode showing the same information as ~console command - but useful for debugging, not useful for dedicated mode.

-log 2 

log file will replaced each time server restarts, logfile is locked while running.

-log 1

logfile will be appended, logfile can be deleted while running

-log 0 

logfile is not written to at all, no logging.


All accessed files will be shown in console.

-mod testmod

loads scripts and data from the directory specified ie C:/Games/Legends/testmod/ Scripts are loaded after /common/, and then /legends/ - ensure you overwrite needed functions, you do not need to overwrite the whole file though. Autoexecute scripts file by using /testmod/scripts/server/autoexec


Loads the Legends Server and hosts a mission, shows on master server list unless not set to in Prefs/prefs.cs The GUI will not load.

-mission legends/data/missions/CTF_Killsite.mis

How to load a mission file automatically, works for both -dedicated and normal mode (in normal mode this bypasses the menus, automatically hosting the mission and may report to master servers unless you set that before hosting!). CaSe-SeNsiTive.


Load Legends and connect to a server automatically, number after the colon is the Port. You can also use weblinks in HTML pages, see Server List and click on a server to see the “Join Now” link.

-show -file legends/data/shapes/obj_plasma/obj_plasma_turret.dts

This will load Legends in “Show Tool” mode for viewing .DTS shapes, this tool can show detail levels, animations, lighting and other 3D information on shapes. -file can be omitted to load Show Tool GUI without a file.

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