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Interio .dif creation

Note: The Legends development team is unlikely to use an Interior (.dif file) which lacks Level of Detail (LOD) and is properly constructed unless the original files are available to us. It just isn't worth using shapes which we can not fix if we need to - store those originals in a safe place or online!

MAP2DIF compiling

- to compile an object first save it as a .MAP file with quark or worldcraft and then run a check for errors 1)

  1. once you have checked your shape for errors and fixed any save again
  2. open map2dif.exe 2)
  3. next you want to set your parameters and load paths, in the top left find your .MAP file, once found in the bottom right there ar etwo boxes, here you will locate your textures, it wont display whats in the folder so you need to know where you put those 3)
  4. in the top right you see command optional settings, some of these will work soem wont, 'noisy error static reporting' 'process for final build...' and 'process as a low detail shape...' are the ones i use once you have that done, hit 'RUN' in the mid left side and a dos window should pop up, and scroll some information, if it gives you a error there is a problem with your file that may need to be resolved, 4)
  5. if all went well you should have a .DIF file in the location you sepcified in “output dir.” move that file to your ...Legends/data/interiors/ folder, if it doesnt exist you will need to make it
  6. now open your game and load a map, hit ALT E, then F4, then hit interiors then legends/data/interiors/ and find your interior file, try to place it if the game crashes or locks up at this point you have to go back to your editor and look for any mistakes or problems that might occur,
  7. once you place it, hit ALT L and after it rleights the map, spawn and wlak around and enjoy your new building =)
  • some advice i can give ya is when making a interior file, especialy a complex interior, compile it often and go in game to check it out and make sure it remains able to be walked thru and used, this also helps if it stops bieng able to compiel you can easily back track and find the source of the problem

questions?/comments? drop a line at

  • Kittenstomper2
1) ALT-P in worldcraft to check for problems
3) your .WAD file i believe
4) i find that carved shapes in worldcraft dont always compile like thy should
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