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Hammer Lights

Lights are one of the best places to make your Interior (.dif shape) look good. Interiors with well done lighting can look so much better.

To start, select the entity tool and place a light emmitter point wherever you want the light center.

Hit enter and it creats a pink cube, right click it and change the settings as you see fit.

Basic settings for your standard light omni

  1. color - you will never guess what this changes
  2. alarm type - this refers to how the light acts when the interior is in a simgroup with a Generator and said Generator is destroyed (for example: if your generators go down, the base would go dark)
  3. fall off1 - how far away the ligth shines
  4. fall off2 - range at the end of the cone of light

Basicaly, increasing the fall off increases how much light the emitter makes and how large its lighted area is

There are other forms of light emitter points discussed in detail here

Some advice for lighting

  • If you use a texture that has a light drawn in it, try placing a light emitter point right over the place in the texture where the light is, then changing the lights properties to emit light that accents that texture, this can make your textures really stand out and seem more realistic
  • Use lights that accentuate the textures of the room (e.g.: in a room where you have dark metal textures with bright white light textures use a white light color) having lights that dont match the rooms textures doesnt look good
  • Don't let light emitter points touch the walls and objects you are lighting, they work much better when they don't touch a wall but are placed very close and slightly offset
  • You can have lights in rows to create bar effects, if you play around with this and have one flicker it can make an Interior look alot better
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