Mark Healy Leaves Lionhead

Mark Healy Leaves Lionhead

Lionhead designer and Ragdoll Kung Fu creator Mark Healy is parting ways with the developer to form a new studio.

Healy had worked with designer and Lionhead Studios founder
Peter Molyneux at Bullfrog Studios before Molyneux left to establish
Lionhead. Healy went on to Lionhead as well, where he worked on Black & White,
Fable and other titles.

"I’ve left Lionhead – a very hard decision for me, but one I have
made," he wrote in a post on Valve’s Steam message boards. "I would
like to point out that I didn’t leave Lionhead on bad terms or
anything, it was just time for a change, really (I was there from the
very start!).
Watch this space for the next game–it’s gonna be off its head. "

He also noted that he plans to set up a development team with Alex
Evans and Dave Smith, who both helped develop Ragdoll Kung Fu.

Ragdoll Kung Fu, an independent title that Healy designed in his spare
time, has players controlling marionette-style kung fu characters,
pulling puppet strings to make them move. The title is available via